Linn speakers and naim equepment

Hi, my naim system is a nd5xs with a xp5xs psu, nac 202/nap 200/ hicap DR/ napsc and speakers i audiovector s3 signature, i have a filling that a par of Linn magic 140 Will perform better i my House, i have a little truble controling the low bas in the room, have anyone experence with the magic 140 and naim equepment ?

I have them. When I bought them about 3 years ago matched with a NaitXS I was in love with the sound. I’ve been pondering about upgrading to various other speakers lately, but still quite happy with them.

At the time I compared them with Neat XS, PMC 23(?) and much preferred the Linns.

I love the 109s (have them in my second system powered by a Nait XS), but have never been able to get along with the 140s. Messy, disjointed bass has been my experience.

Have you considered older Linn speakers? Linn Keilidh or Kaber sound superb on the end of Naim amps and were a classic combination.

If second hand Linn is an option for you, just ensure they come with the Kustone plinths (they sound naff without them) and have the most recent tweeters. The latter changed several times.

You can also go active with those older models and Naim… though they are triamp active designs so the jump in boxes is extreme.

I used to have similar setup with linn 140’s. I loved there sound, but they are definitely on the darker side.

The M140 are a boomy version of the M109.

Did you try repositioning / bang foam / 2db bass cut?


Ok, so maybe the 140s is’t the Best solution when my main problem is controling the low end.

Yes, i have a freind owning a set of keilidh, i Think they Sound a little closed but a other freind have a pair of kaber, last generation, they Sound very good, the problem is to find a set in Denmark so i Can collect my self.

I would suggest listening to 109s if you have a chance.

Depending on room size, they may even surprise you with the quantity and quality of bass. My second system is in a space of about 4x7m and I don’t feel short-changed. Of course it won’t cover the very lowest octaves, but it often surprises me with the amount of bass drive and impact.

One other option: I’ve run my Kudos C2s with similar amplification (except with a 282) and digital source (though primarily an LP12) and was quite happy with that, so another avenue to pursue for you if you are set on floorstanders.

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I use a pre-loved pair of Linn Kans with a Unitiqute as my bedroom system. Love the sound (my brother is still using my Kans with a Nait after 25 years).

I bought my Linn DMS Isobariks in 1984 and I still use them daily more so now as I retired in 2016. I have a Linn LP 12 Stiletto, Cirkus, Armeggedon, Aro and Kiseki Blue NS had Naim 32.5, Hi-Cap, 250 CB, for 30 years till I changed amplification in 2014. However I still have a Naim CDS / CDPS and a Naim Nat 101 / Snaps just serviced by Darren at Class A.

You’ll go a long way to beat the Isobariks they may be coloured but they are foot tapping.



A year or two ago, I went to pick up an Audiotech table that I had bought reasonably locally. Turned out the seller had a Naim system (with a 252 and a recently installed 250DR IIRC) and a lovely looking pair of Isobariks. I have to say, what those 'Bariks did well, they did brilliantly - fantastic handling of the low end, which really gave everything a good rhythmic underpinning. I had a dog in the car, so couldn’t stay long, but would have loved to have played some more music through them just to see how well they managed.

I’ve owned M140s for several years. The steel bases and 2db cut definitely help the bass. It was only when I upgraded my power amp did it really control the bass.

As suggested, Keilidhs will work better in terms of bass. The sealed box design is so much tighter and enjoyable to hear. Of course, they’re not as tuneful and don’t have the clear and refined top end but the mid is nice too. They don’t seem to dissappear as much either but for £300 max, worth a try.

I don’t think we have any Kudos dealers i Denmark :pensive: interresting brand.

Have som of you trayed to power Linn kaber speakers with only one nap 200, Can it drive the kaber convinsingly ?

I have notes the 109 but i’m not sure that the Sound Will have body i perfere.

I run Majik 109’s with a ND5 XS2 as a source, via TAG McLaren pre and power amps. I use either the analogue or digital out on the ND5 XS2.

The Majik 109’s need ‘driving’ with a good power-amp - I use TAG McLaren 125M monoblocs (145 watts per channel at 8ohms). Once these amps were serviced and I upgraded the interconnects (to Linn Silver), the extension block (MCRU silver) and the power cables then the quality from the 109’s exceeds the usual price/performance ratio.

I bought my 109’s for £625 on that auction site after auditioning a Majik DS/2 with both 109’s and 140’s. via a 6100 (I already had the TMA amplification)

The 109’s and 140’s are less sensitive to room positioning than other speakers due to the enclosure.

If you want to go up a level in the Linn range then the passive Akudoriks are an alternative, or go for older speakers such as the Keltiks.

In summary I would have to go up at least another £1000 to improve the (standmount) quality of the 109’s.

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