Linn Speakers - Komri

Just browsing a well known auction site, noticed a near mint pair of Linn Komri with Klimax Aktiv crossovers….

I’d completely forgotten these speakers existed. In my mind it’s like Linn went straight from the Isobarik to the 350s (Artikulat then Klimax) at the top of their range….skipping these and the ones with the funny pill shaped dimples on the front :pill: (??)

…I’m not in the market - but wonder if anybody ever heard them? …I’m guessing Linn may not have sold too many.

Anybody had any experiences with them?

Pill shaped dimples … I guess you mean the Keltik speaker?

I’ve had the opportunity to hear the Komri on 1 or 2 occasions. However, this was at my dealer, fronted with a CD12 and Linn Klimax amplifiers so almost impossible to say anything about this …

Love the setup and engineering that went into these speakers though …

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Ah yes! …I was searching my brain for that name. The Keltik superseded the Isobarik - but was a very different beast as I recall. Less Radical [Radikal?] a design - but loved by many.

I have a vague recollection of hearing them too - at a Linn only dealer in Manchester. Super impressive scale sonically (and physically!) and as you say massively impressive engineering.

In fact - I suspect this is the very pair I heard…


…because that is the very man - Brian Morris - who demo’ed them!

…that pair of jeans would probably allow for accurate [Akurate?] dating of this picture :jeans::thinking::blush:


I still have some fond memories on the Keliks, actively driven by a stack of 4 Linn Klout amps …

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We had a pair of Komris on loan for a while when I worked at Sevenoaks. The arrays for the mid/high worked really well, the imaging was great with a nicely voiced top end. The lows (servo driven if I remember right) were a bit ponderous although we never played around with positioning too much as they were ridiculously heavy. I think we had the stereo klimax to power them but they needed much more amp, even with assisted bass. I’d be want to know whether Linn still service the electronic servo parts for the bass drive before stumping up money for them.

Stereophile have a nice review of them that’s worth checking out

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