Linn Streaming Speaker for £3k


“Luxurious”? Has it got an en suite?


Linn are aiming for a different market these days. I’m sure it’ll be great, the software will just work etc etc.

:small_blue_diamond:We who were with in the 1980 and 90’s,.just say…Oh My God.!!

Is totally uninterested by Linn these days,.they must survive that I understand.
But as I’ve written before,.a “Good Enough”-company these days.

Darkebear had a good comment about Linn,.in the “Ethernet Switch and Cable Mania” thread.


Well I think it looks quite nice. Has a good WAF factor too.

Peder - i know where you are coming from, but most people outside of internet forums are not interested in whether ethernet cables sound different or cable direction inside equipment is ‘wrong’. They want something that works, sounds good, looks good and fits in with their domestic environment. Linn seem to be doing pretty well so they seem to know what their customers want even though they seem to be moving away from their traditional customer base.



Looks really good - you can use a pair of them if you want the full sound. These dudes were impressed (please click)..

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Absolutely right James. Naim has its MuSo and Linn has its Series 3. They appeal to lots of people. To be honest, I’m not convinced many folk on Internet fora worry about directional Ethernet or Cisco feet. I’d sooner listen to music.

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It looks like an air freshener


They do seem to be channeling some old Jordan Watts speakers … thanks to google here are the ones i’m thinking of


Looks a bit ‘pear shaped’ to me. Don’t really like the colour and gold sparkly bits, does it come in boring black?

I guess you’d need to hear it, but initial reaction is far too expensive though there’ll undoubtedly be a market for it.

I don’t understand… with a single speaker for 3000UKP you have a single mono speaker… thats it, you need 2 for stereo that is ~5400 UKP in the bundle… How is this better than the stereo MuSo at 400% less money, and it is not like NAIM is known for cooking up many bargains. I am a very happy MuSo owner and can see the value, this I just shake my head.


Crazy price for a muso qb competitor

I really don’t find that appealing at all - either the shape or the price, but I am probably not in the target market for this product. If I was, then I would buy a pair of Muso’s and keep the cash difference.

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Well at that price it would need to sound a whole lot better than a Muso, but perhaps it does, and there’s no point in speculating about it until you’ve heard one.
It’s worth remembering that Linn have what is arguably longer and wider experience than Naim in making fully digital systems like this, which is why they pulled out of CD player manufacturing a long time ago. Their Space Optimisation makes the room settings on a Muso look primitive to put it mildly, and if you buy two, at least they can be used as a stereo pair.
Would I buy one? Well if I was feeling flush, maybe for the loo, as it looks like it would keep the room smelling nice.


Good for Naim :slight_smile:

I think it looks rather lovely, and the ability to have a proper stereo setup is great. I don’t understand people’s desire to slag things off: they don’t have to buy it. It costs what it costs, and so what if it’s more costly than a mu-so. It very likely sounds a lot better.


Would a pair of MuSo’s do stereo? I didn’t think they did, but they might.

I think MuSo and Linn Series 3 look great products and I hope they all sell well. I like to see Naim, Linn and Chord Electronics and other great companies doing well and bringing out innovative new products. I think we all benefit even if some of their wares are not for us.


In my case, I was talking about Muso’s for two different rooms. I would not want the Linn design in pairs for stereo or singularly either. As before, no ‘slagging here’, just preference of looks with a cost consideration factor.

Sorry Geoff didn’t think you were slagging, the Linn appealed because of its potential stereo, so wondered if MuSo did this too.