Linn survey

Have had a couple of emails from Linn entitled ‘Let’s get reacquainted’ or similar.

Clicked on a survey button, indicated I had an LP12, it then asked me for an age demographic range which I duly selected.

Next it was which social media platforms do you use? Options for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, None so I selected None.

That was it, end of survey. Seemed rather brief or would there have been more questions were I not in an old fogey demographic?

I received the exact same ‘survey’ email and it seems I’ve given them the same responses.
It was so brief that I too wondered what useful information this could possibly provide them with?


What? No “Naim Forum” option?


Quite! That did go through my mind, especially as they no longer have one of their own!

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A terrible omission for sure.
After all the years of working in partnership. There’s no loyalty anymore!

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I guess it’s potentially useful for any business if for example 95% of respondents are older and don’t use social media much - they may need to concentrate advertising/promotion in more traditional arenas or invent some new marketing strategy for social media.

Alternatively they may have given up on older demographics and we’re not seen in their future plans. :neutral_face:


I was honestly expecting to have to enter a laborious inventory of actual products but seems not.

Potential combinations for LP12 alone would be huge.

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Likewise. Having grabbed a customer’s attention I thought they could have capitalised on it far more than they did. A missed opportunity to my mind.

I wonder if Naim Audio have ever considered approaching Forumites with a survey (either through the forum platform or via member’s email addresses)? Or do they feel that the forum posts give them all the info they could need? I would have thought they would get a high response rate?

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Little doubt they’d get a high response rate from Naim forum users, but I suspect we are a minority of Naim’s current/historical client base.

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I suspect there’s quite a bit of antipathy towards Linn’s LP12 business model nowadays (as is sometimes vented around here), what with the various (relatively expensive for what they are & do) upgrades, noting some of the QC issues flagged around these parts too.

I suspect they’d need a slew of moderators were the Linn Forum still be running.

It’s a real shame it’s gone though. I never really frequented it, and when I actually wanted to it was no more.

Is there a historical mirror or cached version anywhere as I suspect there’d be a wealth of helpful information there even if not actively maintained.

Yes, Mine was also a short “None”.

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Yes I received it too. It states it’s to provide me with more bespoke content. How can it provide me with more bespoke content when it doesn’t know where the responses have come from?

It’s so they can pinpoint what your interest is and not spam people with uninterested in product.
Your reply will register on their system.

Doesn’t quite make sense though as that means I’ll only get Linn updates which are LP12 related, how would they know I’ve not been contemplating their other product lines?

Tick all the boxes and you’ll get the lot.
I chose LP12 I’ve no interest in the rest.
I suppose if you unsubscribe then sign up again it might reset I’m sure a mail to the helpline will sort it out.
I hope :thinking:

You may well be correct sir, but as a survey it’s pretty unintuitive - they’d be better off asking if we had an interest in hardware XYZ so they could send more info as well as specifying communication preferences. This all assumes it wasn’t a generic anonymised survey.

As a very content LP12 owner, I feel slighted Linn didn’t seek me out and ask me to complete their questionnaire.
I also feel slightly miffed that Naim hasn’t sorted out the global supply chain problems and released the 272 replacement as yet.
I suspect that despite these adverse experiences, I will successfully cope with the disappointment and lead a full and mostly happy life going forward.

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I am probably wrong (nothing new there :roll_eyes:) but I thought some of it was transferred across to another hifi forum which I don’t believe we are allowed to identify on this forum (maybe George Michael and Andrew Ridgely would be able to help you further though)? :wink:

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replied and filled it in, sorry I am a one SKU for Linn being LP12

right about the forum, another forum has taken it on - not a patch on prevoius, but we all know this can be a real HOT BED of issues which is why I think it closed down

for me I am more than informed from my dealer about NPD and @Cymbiosis are right on the button with NAIM, Linn, Kudos, Chord, Exposure and all of the brands they sell

on Linn and I feel in the loop pretty much to be honest, interesting to see anything coming soon - just had Radikal 2 upgrades fitted which are superb - as good as DR from NAIM

having been in sales for a number of year now, one metaphor I use is the merry go round

do you attract new customer, look after the people on the ride or those how want to get off ??

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