Linn Trampolin Feet Replacement


I purchased a Linn LP12 with a Trampolin. I was told it is possible to adjust the hight by using the feet but that it’s better to have them screwed fully in. I tried to do so but all 4 feet were quite stiff. I finally managed to turn them but this makes no difference to the height and I do not hit an end stop in either direction. I understand that what has probably happened is the screws inside the feet are stuck and the plastic feet are simply turning with the screw remaining locked.

My question is if this is a problem. Does this in anyway effect the functionality of the Trampolin ? Do I really need to replace the feet ?


i understand its best to have the feet fully screwed in and level the surface the lp12 is sitting on

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:small_blue_diamond:Exactly,.that’s right :+1:.



Thanks. Yes this is what I’d read too. In fact I was trying to move the feet to check that they were fully screwed in but as mentioned it seems the screw that the feet are attached to has become stuck and the feet are turning without the screw moving.

My suspicion is that the screws are all stuck fully screwed in but I have no idea how to double check this. If the screws are fully screwed in does it really matter that the feet are not turning the screw ? I mean it’s not like the feet are loose or anything, there’s still resistance to turning them. Trying to establish if there is any real reason to replace them or just leave as is.

I used to do this…as the Trampolin started to sag at the arm pillar end, I unscrew the foot, put a washer or two (as a spacer) over the threaded peg and then screwed the foot back on. This removed the appearance of a sagging LP12 and I think did not change the sound.

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Thanks. Good to know. My feet don’t unscrew but just turn on the thread so I guess the screw got stuck. I’m hoping to find out of this is a problem or not. I’m not even sure if the screw is stuck wound in or not.

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