Linn's new prices hikes

I hear there are some tasty price increases from Linn on not just products but spares and repairs as well!, these are from 20th January, happy new year everyone :partying_face:


8-10% Yo Ho Ho. :roll_eyes:

I’m afraid that annual (usually) price rises’ are an inescapable part of this little hobby of ours. Naim are, or certainly used to be, quite open about doing this on the same day each year.

One thing that surprises me is that the (relative) cost of LPs and CDs has stayed remarkably stable.

(That’s not an invitation to the record companies to hike the prices!)

:thinking: That might accelerate my LP12 upgrade plans!

Will check things out with my dealer …. The Sound Org (York) :+1: and clear things with my CFO after Christmas :grin:


Is a naim price increase also imminent?

Do you have a matrimonial tie to your chief financial officer, by any chance?

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Instead I would wait for the new LP12 upgrade for the 50th (announced some days ago by Gilad in Korea) and for the Utopik for Rad2

Yep, a matrimonial tie :grin:

I’ll check things out with my dealer first and that may mean waiting. Unless it is Linn doing further digital things in the analogue signal path, which so far, I have not been convinced by such things like the Urika2 phono stage.


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Usually January when prices go up. However, there was a mid year 2022 repricing where some Products increased in price, others changed little and a few DECREASED - so credit to naim there.

Will be interesting to see what 2023 brings. I think everyone is expecting to see new Products, but the price points will be very interesting as some appear to be quite delayed, due to supply chain situation, whilst the economic environment (inflationary pressures) might mean they are no longer viable at the originally envisaged retail price.


Thanks for the Heads-up PB. Better pull my finger out and do some auditioning before those price rises :+1:


Might be able to borrow over the Xmas shutdown?

Hmmm… :thinking:

You’re a bad man Gary :wink:

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Im happy that I serviced my stuff in august 2021 before the unusual price hike followed by others after that.
Still happy that my memory is intact not to forget these sorts of things

Hi Graham, I’ve dived in vinyl only recently, but many people around me have confirmed that also prices of vinyl had a steep increase here in the Netherlands

More importantly the price of Heinz tomato ketchup has gone up an eye watering 53% according to Which. This makes hifi companies lightweights in their pricing policies.


Luckily I don’t use much Heinz tomato ketchup, so I’m sure that figure may come in handy for any man maths purchasing justifications I may need to do…


570g/500ml of Heinz tomato ketchup in Sweden is today ~1.80 GBP. How much is it in the UK?

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A major supermarket (online site) is as follows:

460g £2.80
700g £3.00
910g £3.50

As always it pays to buy in bulk.

You can probably find it cheaper, but these are the prices the average household will likely face.


Yeah, that’ll be Tesco :roll_eyes: