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I know this has been discussed before, and I have followed the recommendations of posters, but no matter how many times I swipe, up down and across, I can’t find any ‘boxes’ in the top right corner of my app that lets me change to list view. Can anyone help?

I can show you how it looks on iOS device:

As presented by app before any swiping

After swiping down to reveal search bar

List/icon view options to right of search bar. Which platform are you using?

Thanks Graeme
I am using ios 10.3.3 on my ipad. My screen does not look like yours!

Rosco, my iOS version is 12.3.1 and iOS app version is 5.14.3 just so you can compare.

It’s not a swipe. Just touch the screen and pull it down about 1cm

Loosely known in my sitting room as a swipe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but yes, pull down.

Sorry folks, but it still won’t work on mine! Why do Naim have to make things so difficult?!

Have you tried stopping and restarting the app? Or if that doesn’t work, restarting your iPad? Neither of these should be necessary mind you.

Which screen are you looking at? Why not post a screen grab?


Thanks David. I have tried all all of those things.
Here is screen grab of my page on my Synergy nas (it is called iTunes for historic reasons and I have not changed it).

Normally, if you put your finger on the gap between “iTunes music” and the top row of albums and keeping your finger on the screen, drag it gently down a couple of cms, the search box and the icons for list and tiles should appear. When you take your finger off, it stays there until the next time you refresh the page. This is why it’s a drag and not a swipe.

If you swipe from outside the screen, you just pull the IOS notifications screen down.


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