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Hi Naim Aficionados … I’m looking for advice & any experience you may have on listening chairs.
Unfortunately my wife has a growing arthritis condition that we need to accept is not going to get any better & are looking for a change in listening (+TV) chairs. Currently we have a pair of Ekornes Stressless recliners (which I love) but she is finding become uncomfortable when used for longer periods. We’ve added riser rings to get some added seat hieght, but try as she might, she finds that after an hour or so its a problem & moves over to one of the settee’s with viewing & listening restrictions…
We’ve made the decision to change the Stressless recliners & have been looking around the various showrooms to see/feel whats available & have found traditional looking armchairs with variable recline & footrest adjustemenst that have both hieght & seat depth that she says are right for her.
I have a list of makes (brands) & all sorts of varaiables, problem is the showrooms can’t stock them all.
Hence this post … anyone have advice & recommendations on this.

We also have Ekornes Stressless recliners and like them… Have recently been trying Himolla chairs and sofas
These do have an electric option
I find them extremely comfortable and have a very large range of styles and options. German make so great quality
Several large stores stock then in our area (Cheshire). Alan Ward being the only national store I know

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My mother had severe arthritic problems we did purchase a chair from a Mobility shop but this broke after a couple of years.

I went to a major furniture store in Bristol that we had used on many occasions and found they had a member of staff who was very knowledgeable in this regard.

She recommended a Celebrity Westbury Standard width chair with Dual Motor Operation which mum found extremely comfortable and easy to adjust and use.

Mother has since passed away but I have adopted this as my listening chair and purchased a matching settee to go with the two reclining chairs as purchased originally

A point to bear in mind mother was registered as disabled which qualified for a VAT free purchase of her chair.

All the best in your search I am off into to the lounge to make full use of my chair and Naim system.

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Sitting for an extended time in any chair is going to be problematic if she has significant arthritis. I wouldn’t be confident that changing the chair would necessarily help. It might be better just for her to move into different chairs at intervals so that the loading on her musculoskeletal structures is varied.

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Points noted & thanks for it.
The problem is not so severe at the moment & we hope with her now established physio advised gym & pool plan & arthritis apart she is & will remain reasonably fit & able for a lot longer. Based on the physio peoples advice we are going with a motor drive recliner-footrest type & that alone should offer the positional variations for an evening of use.

Mike-B, that exactly what my mother found that being able to adjust the recline and for foot rest individually she could sit in comfort for long periods.

She found the tilt and rise facility a great boon in getting in and out of the chair.

Hope all goes well.

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Hjort Knudsen ‘Nestor’,.recliner.


:small_blue_diamond:Mike-B,.My crazy Cableoholic-friend bought two Hjort Knudsen,.model Nestor in November.

They’re really nice to sit in,.and you can choose how you want them.
It’s a Recliner-armchair that can be obtained in fabric or skin,and as manual or electric with battery-powered engine.

It comes in three sizes , small, medium and large.
The armchair can also be obtained with lift up systems.
You can also choose which foot you want on your Nestor.

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the suggestion Peder. That style of chair you suggest looks to be very similar to the Ekornes Stressless recliners we have at the moment. I’ve looked on the Hjort Knudsen www & they do not have have the size & position changing variations that is advised by the medical people.

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With tongue in cheek I don’t get back ache or any other aches and pains whilst sitting and listening to 45rpm vinyl albums. The phrase “up and down more than a prostitute’s knickers” springs to mind.:grin:


Tongue in cheek accepted, I would however be very pleased to see the mrs moving as fast as a whores draws.

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I bought a new Stressless about 6 months ago. I got it with the battery powered “Leg Comfort” it’s really nice to have that folding power foot rest!

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I wanted to add how about the classic Herman Miller made. Eames Chair? They’re quite expensive but super comfortable.

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I use an Eames in my study, but mostly the dog likes it more so don’t get a chance to listen to music when sitting there (Unitiqute with ceiling speakers).

I watched a TV programme some months ago whereby they renovated an Eames chair very interesting indeed.

They gave a brief history of the company and they did mention that they did make some at Herman Miler in Bath.

After renovation which was done to such a high standard the chair in question sold very quickly at it’s asking price.

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I use this chair sometimes as a typing or a listening or watching chair.

A kneeling stool with backrest. can be used without backrest too.

Encourages movement.

Not a chillaxing chair, though.

It’s made by varier.

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