Listening habits

Sounds like you always know what you want to listen to.
For me every evening is a massive adventure, not knowing what I might listen to, new Artists I’ve never heard of or a producer that’s created a similar style for someone else. Even a collaboration with someone I never knew about. For me it’s like my Facebook ads, it always seems to know what I am looking for! :joy::joy:

Before I start I often don’t know what I want to listen to until the moment comes to put it on. Sometimes I plan other music in advance, but often pick according to where mood takes me - it is actually not common fir me to know in advance what I want to listen to.

Different people = different tastes in music, different moods for music, and different ways of choosing music…


“Variety is the spice of life”. With a couple of thousand of those old fashioned CDs and similar number of albums in my Spotify library I have plenty of choice but I still tend to listen to a whole album. Which album very much depends on the mood…Right now, Jamie Saft, Loneliness Road.

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Some really interesting viewpoints here -great to see the differences in approach. I think one of the things I’m particularly interested in is that, like a lot of people on here I tend to listen to albums too, I still listen to a select few at any one time, with a gradual rotation. Clearly some have far more eclectic habits though!

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