Listening position

Wondering were you sit when listening. I sit “near field” or roughly at the apex of an equilateral triangle give or take. I have friends that sit much further back away from the speakers.

We sit at a distance about 2.5 X the distance between the speakers, which are slightly toed in.

This is dictated mainly by the size, shape and layout of the room. Our system, particularly the speakers, has been built with care over the years to sound best with the speakers in this position.

When we auditioned the XL6 speaker, they ended up two thirds of the way down the room towards the sofa. They sounded brilliant (possibly the best speakers we have ever heard in our lounge by a small margin) but they looked ridiculous and were in unpractical positions. When our dealer came to pick them up he burst out laughing when he saw them. But he had to agree that they sounded amazing.


I have two listening positions!

Prime position is about 7-8ft from the plane of the speakers’ front baffles, with my head very slightly further away than the apex of an equilateral triangle, and about 40% of the room depth from the front wall (‘about’ because there are two dimensions due to a large window reveal effectively making a significant part of the wall face further back than the remainder). The side and rear walls are all a good distance away so early reflections are minimised.

My other listening position, with speakers and seat moved further back, is about 11ft from the plane of the speaker baffles, but with the speakers rather excessively widely spaced (about 15ft), and with backs against angled walls. This positioning is to allow more general use of the room, with window unobsured by the speakers and usability of the 13ft wide projector screen. in this position the room effects are more significant, but tamed by DSP sufficiently for usability.

The first is really the listening positioning, which I set up when I go specifically to play music, and the second is the general purpose room positioning, when music is often played either for just a short session, or while doing something else.

At next house move I am hoping to set up a room without the need to move things!

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