Lithium ion batteries...shipping difficulties

I ordered a lithium ion powerbank to power mobile phone/ iPad from Amazon. It was unfortunately dead on arrival and after 24 hours had not charged. I raised a refund and printed off the return label, only to find you could not use the Royal mail. After a call with Amazon i was emailed 5 couriers to contact, pay and return…Amazon would refund the shipping.
These were well known like dpd, ups fedex, Hermes and arrow. Some point blank refused over the phone to ship, others pointed me to their website to prepay and drop off locally. As soon as you entered that it was a Li ion battery, it was refused.
After a few more emails, a call with Amazon in the U.S who did not believe me, a UK customer service person, gave me a full refund and told me to dispose.
I paid a bit more and bought another direct from a shop. I was aware of shipping by air restrictions, but not locally…so just to be aware folks.

Its not just shipping by air, Royal Mail & some others will not ship them anywhere.
I had a problem with a laptop battery & instead of returning to Holland, had to use DHL to ship from Oxford to Portsmouth where they tested & disposed of.
The replacement was shipped from Holland to home also by DHL.

As I understand it Li-ion batteries are restricted goods when shipped on there own & must be in a charge state of less than 30% of fully charged capacity

I bought a powerbank on eBay recently and it arrived in a Jiffy bag by normal post a couple of days later. I suspect that a lot of these sort of things get shipped quite normally as “components” or similar.




Recently posted an amp with remote control by Royal Mail - had to confirm that no lithium batteries AND that the remote alkaline batteries were installed in the remote and not loose in the box.

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I need a replacement battery for my Astell and Kern AK70 music player. This needs to be replaced by their service agent in Germany. Royal Mail refused to accept it and also told me that if they accepted it then it would not be accepted by the German postal service and would be disposed of. I have been advised that I should courier the unit to Germany, but have so far been unable to identify one that guarantees there will be no issues with delivery to A&K in Germany. This seems crazy to me as there must be literally millions of Li-ion batteries in transit the world over at any one time.

At present I have a music player that is no use to me or anybody else at present, but it is not yet ready to be binned. Any advice or suggestions welcome!

UPS said over the phone that my 26800mah battery would be OK, but due to a fault their end could not pay over the phone for drop off or collection…please use our website. The website refused. You could try them and try and pay over the phone…its ridiculous…they can send them, but not you or me. I think amazon scrubbed my bill because of legislation…sale and return of goods. Best of luck.

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