Little moments which just make the day

Having parked the car, I’m walking the 500 yds. or so, across to the John Lewis store in one of the local shopping centres, and some 10 yds. ahead of me is a chap walking an elderly black labrador, heading in the same direction.

When we reach our destination, there’s a couple of police persons on the corner, and Mr. Labrador instantly stops for a sniff, then they carry on walking.

Further down, there’s a further two police persons and he does the same again, and by the time I catch up with them, the owner is explaining " he’s a retired police dog, and whenever he spots the uniform, he can’t resist a sniff to see if it’s someone he knows".

Aww … put smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Sometimes, the simplest little occurrence in our busy daily lives is enough to make us happy for the rest of the day … the secret, surely, is in recognising them, as and when they happen. :relaxed:


For a minute, I thought you were going to say he was a retired drug squad sniffer dog :open_mouth:


:joy: Nah, just a happy elderly lab, living on memories … Aww bless.

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My Son came home today from Boarding School. Two weeks since I’ve seen him. I love him and am proud of him…and the little shyte is developing his boarding house humour!
Way Cool.


Nice. Yesterday, a man popped around to remove the industrial dehumidifier and fan that were drying out the ceiling in my office/media room. He didn’t seem to focused and sat on the coach whilst I was working.

Then he asks “what type of speaker is that?”

Me: “Canadian, Totem Hawks”.

Him: “They look nice, rear ported”

Me :flushed::thinking: - would you like a listen?

Him: Is it a Naim?

So we listen. Tidal, but of blues

Me: Would you like to hear the main system?

Him: You have a main system?

An hour later he gets back to doing the job he arrived to do.


That’s brilliant :0)
The dog either really enjoyed his time in the Force and was keen to make old acquaintances or he had been biding his time waiting to settle an old dispute!


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