❤ Live Aid.....13th Juli 1985

Some of the music was great, other music not to my taste, but the atmosphere and event carried through the artists that had no interest for me - of course at home I could have a break etc when things were on that I didn’t like…


:small_blue_diamond:@steviebee,…This was a Historic Event,which only happens once in a lifetime.

Odd that not one of these artists above suited you,.all those in the picture were with…
And many,many more.

:black_small_square:For me,.it was a magical event to experience this,.long before the Internet was born.
And the music created community between countries.


I referred to the Wembley event. I recall seeing only snatches of others. Of course, there are a few names on that list I like or love…but most of em, sorry…

Yes, it was a big event but, IMHO, so is any major festival - I dont follow those much either. I supported the cause - which is different to loving the spectacle.

In the interests of your positive thread, I’ll bow out now. Perhaps my post was not needed in this context.


Bad has since never been as good.

“Now just give us ya f@@kin money”

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:small_blue_diamond:@steviebee,…All opinions are equally important.

Though,.this with Live Aid cannot be compared to an ordinary big,big music-festival.
This is on a completely different level.

Some facts…
:black_small_square:Live Aid holds the record for the most watched television special in history.

:black_small_square:On the same day…
Concerts inspired by the initiative,happened in other countries,.such as the
-Soviet Union.
-West Germany.
-Denmark etc,etc.

It was one of the largest-scale satellite link-ups and television broadcasts of all time;
An estimated audience of
-1.9 billion, across…
-150 nations,.watched the live broadcast,.nearly 40% of the world population.

:black_small_square:London and Philadelphia were the sites for the main concerts…
The broadcast focused on the concerts at Wembley Stadium in England,72 000 people.
J.F.K. Stadium in Philadelphia,100 000 people.

:black_small_square:Several groups who had not performed together in years,reunited for the concert. Among them were…
-The Who.
-Crosby Stills Nash & Young.
-Led Zeppelin (with Phil Collins and Tony Thompson filling in for the late John Bonham) and the original Ozzy Osbourne.
-Tony Lommi,.Geezer Butler and Bill Ward line up of Black Sabbath.
-John Taylor and Andy Taylor performed not only with Duran Duran.
They also performed earlier that day with their side project…Power Station.
-Neil Young,.who also performed that day doing a solo set etc,etc.

:small_orange_diamond:In 1986,.Bob Geldof would be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his efforts.
So now it’s Sir Bob Geldof.

:small_orange_diamond:Bob Geldof was nominated for Alfred Nobel’s Peace-Prize.

So Live Aid,.was a little bigger than a major festival :wink:.



:small_blue_diamond:England’s highest political leadership was also involved in Live Aid.

The woman in the picture next to Sir Bob Geldof probably needs no presentation.
Iron-Lady,.as she was called in Sweden,.and maybe even in other countries.


Politically it’s ultimate impact has been negligible other than for a few people feeling better about themselves. Musically it was of no interest to me whatsoever and that remains the case today.


i would be more pleased to assist at the 1973 Wattstax concert. More my kind of music.
Unfortunately i was too young.


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I was pleased that Live Aid had some acts I liked, however the type of music was not the point, and comparisons with other festivals are rather meaningless. And anyway it was not like a conventional festival because it started in one location and continued at another as a continuous event,

I actually strongly dislike stadium gigs, but would have gone to that at the drop of a hat.

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:small_blue_diamond:Innocent_Bystander understands Exactly what this Live Aid was…

An Historical Musical Event,…
across large parts of the world.

Created by musicians to help starving people in Ethiopia from a famine catastrophe.
These World-Stars assumed their responsibilities,.and volunteed to help these starving people.
Therefore,.it feels rather pitiful to read comments like this…

  • “Musically it was of no interest to me whatsoever”.
  • “just not into the music”.
  • “I would be more pleased to assist at the 1973 Wattstax concert”.
  • “Politically it’s ultimate impact has been negligible other than for a few people feeling better about themselves”.

As I said,.this is,according to me pitiful to read.
Try instead to raise your gaze,.and see the big picture.
It was a huge amount of money that was collected during Live Aid.
Money That Saved Human Lives.

:rose:All honor to all the artists who lined up,and to…

:rose:Sir Bob Geldof,.who was the “Source of Inspiration”,.and also managed to implement it all.

As I said,…Try to raise your gaze a little more.


Sorry Peder, but i don’t share your enthusiasm for this big event. Wattstax was a more true and spiritual event , with musicians that were playing against the war, racism. They were singing with their soul.
The Liv Aid was more an enormous commercial show, to advertise the musicians and collect big money which was probably marginally reversed really to Africa.
sorry to disappoint you


I think you hold a minority view on the impact and importance of live aid.

I don’t think it’s under question that some musicians careers picked up. However, at least in the UK it really did lift a generations’ consciousness about the famines in Africa and importantly showed that we could be ‘agents of change’. Maybe it was different in other countries and for other generations but for those in their late teens and early 20s (in the UK) it had a significant impact.

I can’t comment much on Wattstax because before this thread I hadn’t heard about it! I’m not disrespecting the event but it is in no way comparable with the international scale of live aid.


And mid 30s!

And according to Wikipedia an estimated 1.5 billion people across 110 countries watched Live Aid Live! That is almost 1/3rd if the world popualation at that time!!

All In…Always…All In

I love and admire people who go “All In”.
That performs and creates results.

And that was the purpose of Live Aid…
:black_small_square:Go All In.
:black_small_square:Be visible.
:black_small_square:Create results.
That to be able to help people from starving to death.

The picture above is from 2005,.and the celebration of,that it was 20 years ago since Live Aid.
:rose:The Day That Music Changed The World.

:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,…?? Of course,.it was the purpose (see above).
In order to help people in Ethiopia from starving to death.

But all the artists participated voluntarily,.to help people in other countries.
So of course,it was soul and heart with everyone.

:small_orange_diamond:So,.as I said earlier,…Try to raise your gaze a little more :wink:.

:black_small_square:@Innocent_Bystander,…I have these figures below,.as I have received from the organizing-committee itself.
These I have reported earlier,.in a post two up from this post.

“It was one of the largest-scale satellite link-ups and television broadcasts of all time;
An estimated audience of
-1.9 billion, across…
-150 nations,.watched the live broadcast,.nearly 40% of the world population.”


i don’t feel i have to raise my gaze in that aspects of the reality of the world. I work with poor families and children since 25 years, as a social and educational worker. Specially in poor french towns area . Misery is everywhere.
I saw too much scandals in public money collects , misappropriation and embezzlement…that my confidence is a bit lost.
Médecins sans frontières and La Croix Rouge are however truthful, as others…
Recently the enormous Tsunami collect and ARC fondation ( cancer ligue) were just an examples of embezzlement.
I don’t trust only because it’s on worldwide tv programs.
However i strongly hope to be wrong in the Aid concert first goal concept.


Synchronicity! In my previous life I was a social worker for children with disabilities & their families for some 45 years. Long hours and 24 hour on-calls…glad my current life no longer includes the latter!


The unfortunate arrogance in @Peder suggesting people need to lift their gaze is truly breathtaking. Like @frenchrooster I’ve worked with people in poverty for 33 years now and at the end of the day if you liked the gig them good for you. If you truly think it did anything but serious damage then that is staggeringly naive and profoundly depressing.

Here is but one example of the many powerful articles around which picked apart Live Aid as both naive and dangerous. Hopefully some people will be able to lift their gaze for long enough to learn that the world really isn’t as simple as you want it to be!


Thanks Mike for this very interesting and sad article. I was searching yesterday some articles on that subject but not found. I was unfortunately right in my precedent post.
The only positive aspect of the Live Aid concert is that it created the motivation in the world to help Africa. A lot of associations have raised after.

Indeed, @mikehughescq agree with FR with thanks for the information on these fund raising schemes, naive is one word that comes to mind albeit I’m no doubt they are very well meaning.
I’ve travelled around Africa (& others) for many years & its obvious to anyone that the corruption is endemic and the gains curve is exponential the further up the power & political pile you go. They amass personal wealth at a rate of significant multiples of their pay grade. And its not limited to the individual, it gets spread around all the family & whoever friends are sucking up to them. These hangers on get appointed to positions with salary & perks beyond most ‘western’ populations wildest dreams. Just take a few minutes looking up the net worth of some of them, it beggars belief. Oh & take a look at Putin while you’re at it.


Tom Petty above,.during Live Aid

:small_blue_diamond:The last four,five posts are,.in my opinion a little strange.

One mixes for some reason two,three things,.that do not have to do with each other.
I have a lot to do now,so I come back later.

Meanwhile,.I’ll insert a picture from Live Aid…
at Tom Petty.

:rose:Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers,.was a much appreciated gig during Live Aid.

But apparently not by some who commented on this thread.

Ps: Tom Petty is one of my favorite artists.
I had a really hard drive by motorcycle 1990,.with Tom Petty’s music in my In-Ear’s under the helmet.
But that’s another story :wink:.