Live wire on Naim?

I’m working on arranging my power cables to the correct direction for live and neutral wire. I’ve noticed improvements which direction I turn the cable, mainly in lowering the hum/buzz on the output of the speakers.

Does anyone know what is live and neutral on the power connector sockets on Naim equipment? I wonder because it seems like they have it the other way around. Nothing usual for UK if so :laughing: :kissing_heart:

This is the view looking at the IEC plug on the cable.

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And the standard on the outlet connector is most often that when you face the pins the live wire is to the left of the round hole when hole is up (euro plug)?

The iec end is the same with the schucko, but you need to ensure the plug end is correct way round. Music line used to mark them with a white dot but others didn’t. If you have an induction pen you can tell.

I’ve just got the music line and there are white dots for live wire. :+1:

You also need to know which one is live in the wall outlet so you align the music line white dot with the live from the outlet

Yepp I have an induction pen too so I’ve found it :slight_smile:
I measure with the induction pen on all my equipment and chose the direction which cause the least induction.


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