Lms-to-upnp on Nac 272

Hi guys I know this has already been covered before , but are there any idiot instructions for the less computer literate among us ? I’ve installed Roon on my windows 10 pc ,have it working on my Muso but would also like it on my Nac 272 . Stuck on this part !

  1. launch it with “squeeze2upnplms-??? -i config.xml” on the command line, and wait 30s till it exits.
  2. Launch it again just without any flags and hopefully your devices will appear in Roon.

Thanks in advance.

You need unzip the files and copy them a local directory on your desktop. Open a command prompt drag the .exe file into it then type the -i config.xml hit return. It will run and then after a short while quit it might ask questions about your about firewall allow it througn It should have created a config.xml in the same directory the .exe file is when its finished. If not then its not working correctly. I could not get it to work at all last time I tried it and would not create the .XML

You can now just run the app without the -i config.xml and it should be up and running. You do need to edit the . xml to tell the plugin it’s Roon your working with .

If all working in Roon you should see some entries under squeezebox section in the audio section of settings.

Thank you for trying to explain , i’m obviously doing something wrong though
! Are the speech marks important ?

No you dont need the speech marks

You do need the speech marks as there is a space in your file path.

I suspect the issue is that there isn’t a space between the end of your .exe" and the -i

I’d recommend creating a short named directory off C:\ and moving the files there, it will save some typing !

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