Loading albums on Uniti core via USB port, unable to edit

Hello to everyone on the Naim forum.

I seem to have a problem editing metadata , including Album Covers, on albums which my Uniti core had way too many errors, yet I was able to make WAV copies via my MacBook andCD reader, copy to USB stick and then load via the front port.
When i touch the … next to the album in the Uniti core, the Edit Metadata does not come up as it does with a direct CD rip by the Uniti core.
Is thee something I need to do, or a subprogram I need to locate to load this music so that the app can alter the Metadata ? I notice that the Uniti core loaded the music in a different file, not ‘New CD’s’, but ‘New Music’ when first selecting music to play on My NDS.

Thanks for any help or considered thoughts that might help.

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It’s because the Core will only put rips from a Naim server into the Music/MQ folder. All other rips or downloads go in the downloads folder. You can only edit metadata in the Music/MQ folder with the app and you have to use a PC or Mac with metadata editor software to edit metadata of music in the downloads folder.

So what you are describing is exactly correct.

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Dear David,

Thanks for all of your helpful advice.

I thought that my lack of knowledge with all things apps might have hidden some logical step which might enable me to enter album cover and full metadata, which was not fully added about each song as I ripped with my Apple device.
I will bring up my other there or four hundred CD’s from storage in my old home town, 3,000 kms away, when I am next down there.
Do you find that there are many Cd’s which your Uniti core does not successfully rip, but that some other device successfully rips ?
I love the quality of my Uniti core rips, about 1100 so far, but there was about 40 which did not rip successfully. Guess for those I just get basic Metadata and no cover art, which I do prefer, akin to having an LP cover in your hand. Would be great if metadata could include separate pages for the old inner sleeves with lyrics, notes and a full list of musicians performing on each track ?

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The metadata for a CD rip comes from one of the metadata sources that Naim uses, primarily Rovi. You would expect Rovi to have everything but they don’t. This is likely because the CD publisher hasn’t informed them of the necessary relationship between the CD identity number and the metadata and image.

The more obscure the music you are ripping, especially if it’s a minor or specialist publisher or if it’s very new or old and largely forgotten music, the more likely it will be that the Core will miss either or both of metadata and cover image. Other metadata sources may well find it though.

You can edit rips through the Naim app. As soon as you do though, you take that album off the list of albums that the Core keeps of those where it should automatically check for metadata in the future.

If it’s a download or a rip from a PC say, then you can directly edit the files in the Core downloads folder using a metadata editor. There are many descriptions of how to do this, so you should use the search function here to find them. Note also the Core supplementary notes in the FAQ room on this forum.

So far as the sleeve notes etc is concerned, Rovi does give access to many of these in the Naim app (through the book icon on the album selected screen.) But that often doesn’t work for the same reason that the CD publisher hasn’t given Rovi that information.

Thanks David.

I appreciate all of that detailed information.

Kind regards


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