Local Man’s Brave Struggle Amid N272 Upgrade Quandary

Upgrading from N272 / XPSDR / 250DR is quite the challenge. Losing sleep I am. After several years of N272 successor rumours, we still wait in hope. Meanwhile, the ‘obvious’ move, NDX2 / NAC282 + PSUs, is a hefty spend and at least two extra boxes.

The more I ponder my options, the more choices present themselves (used NDS?), but I may be about to cross a – previously unthinkable – line of venturing outside the Naim stable.

Specifically, a Chord Hugo TT2. Numerous fans on this forum (and hard to find any bad press elsewhere). Any thoughts on whether a TT2 / N272 combo might offer a decent step up for now? (Home demos alas unavailable here.)

My current setup sounds decent enough, but fine details are slightly lacking – which, from what I’ve read, is one area where the TT2 excels.

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How funny - I have also been sat awake since 3am, browsing sites looking at options for my next upgrade…272/200 but no XPS, so I am guessing that is the next obvious choice for me. Haven’t heard the Chord so can’t help you there, but I can sympathise with the loss of sleep over these difficult decisions…

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I was where you are a couple of years ago. I also had Superlumina full loom, my speakers were Sopra 1’s. The next logical upgrade was the 555DR, but at 14K here in Canada, I drew the line there. I traded my 272/250 DR for a 2017 NDS, and used the XPSDR on it, I also had a pair of Dynaudio XD 600’s, that I could use the NDS directly into.
I had heard my local dealers Dave/Blu2 many times, so I asked him if I could borrow his Dave for a week. No problem, he said…and I knew after the home demo I had to have one, or a poor man’s Dave (TT2/Mscaler). Eventually I convinced another dealer to swap my NDS and XPSDR, along with my XD 600’s for my current rig. Nagra integrated with Peak Consult speakers and an RP10.
So glad to have that feeling of what my next upgrade will be subsided.
One thing left for me to get will be some kind of streamer, currently using my last Naim piece (Core) into the Mscaler/TT2 along with a cheap laptop for now.
I also bought a Rega RP10 and got back into vinyl after 30 years off.
I spend a lot more time exploring new music now, rather than my next upgrade…other than streamers.


I would personally wait…as lockdown in the UK is reduced I think we will see a few launches through the year. As i mentioned on another thread my dealer did a zoom type call with Naim. Jason Gould was in the Naim demo room and acknowledged there was 3 new products covered up. I for one might have been tempted by a pair of PMC Fact12’s…but i have been told they will be replaced soon, so i will wait.

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Replacements for the 3 discontinued products? 272, DAC, Headphone amp…

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Nowt wrong with waiting, agreed. But I’d guess an N272 replacement (if it comes) might work out similar to a move from, say, NDX to NDX2 i.e. better streaming functionality, a snazzier screen and a ‘step’ up in SQ.

Yet I can’t quite envisage a new N272 competing on level SQ terms with NDX2 / NAC282 (or equivalent) – which is where I want to be in the medium term.


@Klout10, as above :+1:


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I can hear it coming …


Any thoughts about how you would get your digital audio to the TT2?

Looks to be straightforward enough:

If I’ve understood correctly, this would relegate the N272 to transport duties only, with TT2 employed as DAC / pre-amp.

Perhaps not the most sensible use of an N272/XPS, but it might work as a stepping stone to an eventual NDX2/XPS/TT2 front end – which has received high praise around here.

Another question is whether this solution gets around the ‘need’ for a NAC pre-amp + PSU. Consensus seems to be that having a NAC in the chain is of course preferable, but is it the optimal use of funds in a single-source system?

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible to loop-back into the pre-amp of the 272 if using the digital output to an external DAC. I’m sure this has come up before, but other 272 owners can confirm.

Or do you intend to go from TT2 direct the 250? [Edit: Ah, yes, I see it is. Yes, that’ll work]

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I think the XPS DR would be wasted here. Better traded in towards the 282, but then again, if happy with TT2 direct into the 250, there’s always the mscaler to consider.

Get a 555 and wait for the 272 replacement.

I got a 555PSDR and Lumin U1 Mini to bring my system streaming up to date since Naim killed updates on 272. Not in a rush anymore so gently wait for a 272 replacement.

Breaking news…man comes to Naim forum to ask advice about buying a direct competitor’s product. :crazy_face:


I might be the only 272 owner not awaiting the 372?! with baited breath. We use our 272 for Sky Q, internet radio and NAS only. Love it, got an XPS DR on way and beyond that we’ll go 282/HC (or used SC) before any further digital upgrades. Perhaps an external DAC (Qutest?) between 272 and 282 before replacing the 272, it’s here to stay in the short to medium term!

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Couldn’t agree more. My 272 is effectively a preamp hub, with 3 analogue and 2 digital sources, as well as audio out to second system in next room.

Now rush to change here.

Likewise. Am very happy with my 272/XPS2/250.2 system. 3 boxes, discreet and well balanced. Will look to DR upgrade when they need servicing. Personally would only buy a better 272 (372) if it didn’t have the power bits included.

TT2 is an an excellent upgrade

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