Local Server / USB storage option for Muso

Can someone please confirm that it’s possible to connect a USB drive to the back of a 2nd Gen Muso and use the local server option to browse and play stuff from it?

Would anyone be able to show a screenshot of what the browsing looks like? (I suspect it doesn’t show album images - am I right?)

here you are :slight_smile:

made by iphone 11pro

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Excellent! Thanks, Alex

That’s the „USB input“ view, correct?
(That one is like browsing he folders on the drive, fast but not fancy.)

On Uniti (Atom/Nova) there’s also a „local server“ view, which uses meta data for different views. (By album, by artist, …)
That one also shows cover art (well, for those, I manually added it or which include them in downloads; the iTunes way of linking cover art internally is not transferred by just copying the files).

I would assume (but don’t know) that view is available as well on Muso 2nd Gen?

(Sorry, in German:)

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You may be right. I’ve just ripped my cd’s to *.wav files without any tags, pictures…


Yes, I’m hoping that ‘local server’ option is available for the 2nd generation Mu-so

Unfortunately this option is not available on the Musos. You have to use the USB input in which case you get only a basic folder view. Artwork should be visible in the play queue screens, but not when browsing the input.

(Note that there is an error on the product support web page showing ‘Local Music’ available on the Server input, but this only applies to the current Uniti and separate streamers.

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Thanks for the clarification, Chris. A shame, but not the end of the world. Something that could be rectified in a future firmware update?

Naim would have to answer this; in principle I understand the (digital/software) platform across all 3 recent product lines is very similar.

Though, bearing this in mind, if they haven’t done so yet, one could imagine they use a product line differentiation here.
If: Whether that’s e.g. based on different hardware (less memory or something) or not, I couldn’t know.
Or: I would not bet on this.

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I would have thought that if Naim had any intention of doing this, they would have done it on release as the new Musos came after the current streamer range, but who knows. Perhaps one for the feature request thread. No idea if it’s technically possible but you can always ask.
Is your ND555 on the same LAN? If so, just mount the USB drive on it and enable server mode, then you’ll find the music on the Muso with full metadata.

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@tomvamos Hope you don’t mind me dragging you into this. Is there any reason why the local server option isn’t offered on the Gen 2 Mu-so?

I’ve just acquired the Mu-so for my son who doesn’t live with me, so the ND555 option isn’t applicable unfortunately. He can probably run something like Asset on his Macbook, but the local server thing would have been ideal.

I agree that there is arguably a stronger case for this feature on lower end products. It’s not as if you’re going to buy a Core just to feed your Muso.

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