Local streaming stops from Core

All of sudden I’ve got issues with streamimg from the Core.
Music stops middle of track. It started a couple of days ago. I have streamed for many years and this has never happend before. Only sometimes when listening to Tidal, but that is not an issue anymore. And my set up is the same.
Asking for help please…

I suggest you turn everything off, proper power off - not just pressing the button in the front, wait a few seconds and turn it all on again. Likely that will fix your issue.

I turned the core down by unplugging yesterday, but that did not solve the problem. I also reset the app.

Did you turn the power off and restart your NDS too (by taking the power off the 555 PS obviously)?

Also you could turn off and restart your router. Wait for it to fully restart before you turn on your NDS.

Will try this tonight and report back. Thanks David

It worked fine the first day. Today it stops again, usually in middle of the track. I did what David said…
What is the next step to solve this? My NDS is from 2016.

Start with the basics. Check for any faulty network cables - easiest to just change them one at a time unless there is obvious physical damage.
Do you have any wireless legs in your home network?

What firmware is your NDS on?

No wireless legs at my home. I’ve got the same internet set up for 4 years and no issues until last week. It is a router and a switch, very simple set up. I can check the cables, but doubt they cause the issue.

Try running an album or two off a USB stick, if the problem still persists, at least that eliminates the Core.

But if it doesn’t persist, of course it doesn’t necessarily mean the Core is at fault as it could be a hardware fault in the NDS streamer.

Re hard/software fault, yes, but as both Ethernet & USB inputs go direct into the Streamer Module, I doubt it.

This problem seems rather randomly, as there where no problems yesterday. Playing an album via USB now and no problem so far.

Maybe I forgot to say that NDS streams perfect from both Tidal and iRadio. No drop outs.

Both web streaming & iRadio are on the same Ethernet Streamer Modul input as UPnP (Core), keep playing with USB, but its looking more than likely the problem is with your Core

Maybe time to do a factory reset?

The most likely issue with a Core is that the HD is ready to fail. This isn’t a disaster if you have a backup because you can fit a new HD and restore the music from the backup.

But before that, you could try restoring the Core to factory settings. If you need to know how, I can describe the procedure.

The core and the Samsung SSD are 1 year old only. Thought it would be a bit early to fail.
Yes, David, please tell how to do the reset, so I dont need to google it.
Thx very much.

Very unlikely to be a failure of your Samsung SSD.

To reset a Core, you turn it off, take the power off completely, wait a minute so everything completely shuts down. Then holding the power button on the front panel in, restore the power. Keep holding the button in until you see the light by the front panel USB flash. Then you can take your finger off the front panel button and let it finish restarting. You will need to set the Music Store again, which you do through the Manage Music option in settings. The Core may anyway tell you that it found a music store and ask whether you want it to be made the active store. You say yes. Don’t agree to format the Store of course. Similarly you will have to re-designate any Music Shares you have set up.

The Core will rebuild the index of music which takes a while so don’t panic if you see no music on your SSD initially. If you haven’t got a proper backup of your Music Store then now is the time to get on with that.

I have noticed something weird with the core. Sometimes it lights up during playback. Is this normal?
And sometimes I hear a clicking sound and the music stops.
I will unplug it for a while and see if that improves things.