Lock the output level of a Dac-V1 so that Nac202 remote won't affect it?

Due to NDX2 needing some loving care back at HQ, I’ve got the Bluesound Node in fixed output mode > optic link > DAC-V1 > Nac 202. (Sounds good by the way once the input on the NAC, which hadn’t been used before, had warmed up!)

The problem is that although I’ve found how to set the DAC-V1 to a set output in the settings, as soon as I use the remote control for the NAC202, it changes the volume/output level on the DAC! In other words it doubles the effect.

Anybody know how to either lock the DAC-V1 output or disable the remote for it? I suspect I’m stuck with this inconvenience…

Try covering the V1’s logo with a piece of cardboard.

Set it to Fixed Output, check the manual.

Can’t you just remove the 202 from the system and use the DAC-V1 as your preamp for the time being?

If you’ve set fixed output properly -which I suspect you haven’t - the issue will go away. You need to confirm the selection of fixed output - see below.

I think I’ve done exactly that… but the remote control seems to override it. I looked up the manual when I looked at how to set it.

I did. And I have. The remote seems to override it…

I suspect you haven’t got the green confirmation tick. The cardboard should work though.

No, I’m getting the tick! I think cardboard may be the solution. This could be one for Naim to know about for a Firmware update.

I could, but I want the better quality pre-amp qualities of the NAC, and the DAC manual says it should work.

I use a DACV1 for headphone use when I purchased it my dealer set it so that the remote codes don’t clash between my 252 and V1 might pay to contact Naim.

AH!!! This sounds useful… Thanks you…

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