Lockdown Clearout

I’ve just had one of my most successful ever clearouts and selling sessions on eBay. Is it coincidence, or are there a lot of bored people out there using remote retail therapy as a mood lifter?

Whatever, go through those cupboards, be ruthless and get it listed. I’ve just sold a few photography accessories (bags, lens cases etc.) for more than I originally paid. Had my hand ripped off for a 10 year old MacBook Pro at more than twice what I thought it might be worth, and a mad scramble for an original Apple Watch for silly money!

I wouldn’t like to have to rely on this as a source of income, but as a lucrative bit of fun it’s worth spending a little time on. You’d be surprised what some people are prepared to pay good cash for!

You’re certainly right there!

I’ve shifted a couple of Les Paul guitars which had previously attracted only derisory offers … now folk were outbidding each other to get hold of them, and this wasn’t on that well known auction site, either.

Mind you, I have found myself gazing at online goodies on which to spend the incoming money! :thinking:

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Indeed - my personal weakness in the last couple of days was looking at Technics SLP-1200 CD players. I remember dreaming of owning one as a teenager (it was one of the best available in the late-80s, with the BBC using them extensively) and was wondering if they were quite cheap these days. I can report that they’re cheaper than they were in real terms, but not by enough to make me want to buy one for a giggle. Did anyone out there ever own one?

There’s one currently on fleaBay that doesn’t switch on - had it been listed for, say £50, I would have been tempted to see if it just needed some soldering or a replaced switch…


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