Logging in to internet radio on Mu-So 2

I am thinking of buying a Mu-So 2. Are you able to log into internet radio stations on it, or just access the stations? I ask as logging in means that you get fewer adverts.

There’s no logging in via the Naim app, you just stream the station of choice.
If you have the correct software on your pc, you can stream from that via upnp.
Or use your phone, login via a browser, and stream via chromecast.

Hi Robert. Thanks for the reply. Do I lose any sound definition through streaming through pc upnp or chrome cast rather than accessing stations directly via the Mu-So? I’m keen to use the Mu-So to its full capabilities.

IRadio sound quality varies quite a lot, the biggest variable being the format in which it a channel is available. Naim have been pushing radio stations to release higher quality streams recently, particularly lossless FLAC streams which the Muso 2 supports.
Other stations use AAC or MP3 streams, and some of the lower bit rate streams sound very poor. It really depends which stations you listen to. You may also find small variations in sound quality between Chromecast, AirPlay and native Naim iRadio inputs.

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Thanks a lot Chris, that’s very helpful. I plan to listen to internet radio on it a lot so good to know about the differences in iradio streaming quality.

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