Logging into HDX

I use my MacBook Pro to manually copy ripped CDs in the MQ folder on my HDX across to my Synology NAS.

However, I don’t seem to be able to log in to the HDX, as I’m asked for a password which isn’t listed in “passwords” on the Mac.

The HDX went back to Naim for a full refurb, and I wonder if a password was allocated at that stage.

In practical terms, it doesn’t prevent me copying files across when logged in as “guest”, but I’d appreciate any help with this.


I think this is a MacBook Pro peculiarity as it doesn’t (since a late version of Catalina) believe that the actual credentials for an account could be blank. But as long as you can login as guest and do what you want, then that’s ok.

I really don’t think Naim would have added a password during service, not without telling everyone anyway.



The login thing has been there confusing people on a Mac for as long as I’ve owned a Unitiserve. You can safely ignore it, there is nothing that you can’t do through the Guest login.

Phew! :+1:

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