Login for Tidal but not Spotify?

Not sure I understand what the icons is fore meaning that the Tidal (embedded into the Nova right?) I can select and give my credentials and that’s perfect. I have a iPad 3 generation so the Tidal app dos not work on the iPad (IOS to old) and therefore I am pleased that it is embedded into Naim Nova user interface or is it a part of the Naim app?
Question: Why is it not the same with Spotify? It seems as if there is no way to log in using the Naim app? Why would there be an icon for spotify if it wasn’t used the same way as the Tidal icon? If I have to select the Spotify icon in order to stream from an Spotify app on the phone I cannot see the “all in one” come together. I might use the bluetooth for that so why the Spotify icon.??? How can I use it in the Naim app and how to login to my account?

Are you sure the Spotify input is enabled in the Naim app? Check Settings -> Input settings and make sure Spotify is enabled

Spotify Connect is completely different to other online streaming services. With Tidal, you log in on the Naim app and control everything from there. Qobuz is the same. With Spotify, you are redirected to the Spotify app, because that’s just the way it works.

So I need the spotify app on a device anyway? Why is it then a part of the Nova instead of using the spotify app and then use bluetooth??

Bluetooth generally has lower sound quality, and the connection is more prone to dropouts. With Spotify Connect, native Tidal, Qobuz etc. the signal goes directly to the streamer over your network and doesn’t have to go to and from your handheld device, which is just acting as a remote control.

Ok makes sence. Thought it was something like that. Little to hasty in buying an iPad 3 in order to be compatible with these different apps but they were not and was hoping it ment that I could use the ones that was embedded into the Naim. Buy a newer iPad then - arghhh. Thank’s

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