Long-gone, once-had or childhood system pics


I should have kept hold of mine then, as I could have tripled my initial investment :sunglasses:


I’ve just rigged up my A60 to run as a headphone amp of a Uniti2, sounds great.


The final piece of my first system jigsaw were these big boys;

Goodmans RB65’s (12" Bass Drivers)

Even on the end of a fairly gutless Amstrad amp these used to make the windows and doors rattle as if we were in an earthquake zone. Our neighbour was so impressed, that he went out the next day and bought 2 pairs for his own use :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right, the Sansui 222 mk ii, I just finished today restoring one that I will give to my nephew… his 1st turntable (and I guess the last one if it will survive…)
Nice entry level deck, I fitted a Nagaoka MP110, a good pairing indeed.


Replaced the Sony amp with these, the pre amp was powered by two PP9 batteries…



really nice pictures and memories, thanks for sharing.



Hi Ron,
How much of this setup got transferred to mogul in Kelowna ? Or was that a later set up you had ?

Mogul had some brilliant kit which I was privileged to hear a few times !


Well that’s a blast from the past - the first thing I did when I turned up in London in freshers week, 1981, was to head to Billy Vee’s shop from which I emerged with a 222 Mk2, a NAD 3020, and a pair of RAM Compact speakers, and I can honestly say that I had more fun, and probably annoyed more people, with that system than any other I’ve ever owned.


Actually, the first thing I ever ran was one of these into a big mono Altec speaker cabinet my dad had built as a young man: (Bogen DB20 mono integrated amp)

So desperate was I for sound, that I took our portable cassette player, plugged in the earphone (mono, of course), and snipped off the earpiece and attached the 2 wires to the input on the amp. I can’t even believe now that it actually worked to make something that played “loud”.

And it was pretty loud - our neighbor across the street came over; we thought he was going to complain. Instead, he wanted to know what album we were playing because he liked “Here Comes the Sun” when he heard it…because of course we didn’t have air conditioning and the windows were open.


I too think I had more fun and musical enjoyment from the system I owned as a young student. I wonder why that should be? I am sure that’s why we spend more and more on our systems as we get older and try to rediscover that initial fun and excitement. Do we ever find it?

I do like this thread.


I had the monobloc version with I think an A&R passive pre. Not bad at all iirc.



That looks very much like what my Dad had before he got the ITT KA1255 music center. It was connected to a Garrard tt of some description, all housed in a cabinet that he made with a matching cabinet housing a mono speaker.


Celestion Ditton’s?


Indeed, Celestion Ditton 44s.


I was looking for those Monitor Audio beasts you keep mentioning🙄


I started with a Dansette record player, then a cheap Philips stereo:


It wasn’t long before I started to explore how to improve the speakers. The journey had begun…


Starting work I was finally able to afford my first ‘separates’ system:

Goldring deck (can’t remember the cartridge):

Sansui amp:

Leak Sandwich speakers:

If I remember rightly I bought them all from Comet, which in those days did a big range in hi-fi separates. Happy days.


I dare say the novelty of having your own half decent system is a big part of it. The upgrades that follow probably just compensate for the age related hearing loss that follows.


I have just remembered. I had the same many years ago. Thanks for reminding me


Is he still your mate ? :rage: