Long-gone, once-had or childhood system pics


I believe there was a TDK - OD as well, it was a bias I tape but I don’t recall were it sat in the TDK hierarchy.


Yes, with the arrival of the new AD-X formulation, OD was dropped from UK market for the 1982 lineup. However, I believe it did live on in the Japan home market for a year or two more, slotting in between AD and AD-X.


One word, “Awesome” :0)


Aged 13 listening to Tarkus, Garrard 2025TC, a pair of full range (!) very small speakers and this…



I used to love untangling tape from the player and rewinding it with a pencil…


It all started here, around 1960.First%20HiFi

Two turntables even then, a mono integrated amp and the speaker inside an old steam radio.
As you can see, a (vast?) library of 7in singles and one LP** started me off down this road to ruin that we call “our hobby”.

** Drumbeat from the BBC - a recording of the weekly TV show of the same name that eventually became TOTP.


I don’t know much about TDK casettes, I was on the Maxell side. My Nakamichi 480 loved them.



After the Duette SA400 amplifier, I bought a used Sinclair 3000 from a college friend in December 1972


I seem to recall that I gave him a fiver for it and it duly blew up after a week! I ended up sending it back to the Sinclair factory with a note asking them to repair it if it would be cheap and throw it away if it was beyond viable economic repair as I was a a student and didn’t have much spare cash. Within a couple of days a parcel arrived. inside was a brand new Sinclair 3000 amplifier with a Christmas card from the Sinclair factory. The amplifier really wasn’t very good but that was probably the best customer service I’ve ever had!


To accompany the Sinclair amplifier, I bought this from a second hand store in Chadwell Heath


Don’t know why I ended up with a Linn Sondek LP12/Armageddon/ARO/Troika with a 52/Supercap/250. The Goldring/Sinclair combination was hard to better (LOL)


My Brother and I had one of these in our bedroom and I have a very vivid memory of playing Start! and it’s B side Liza Radley by The Jam over and over.


My dad and my sister…with his first stereo.

Here is one from 1982…in the left side of the picture you can just see the A&R A60E (the Systemdek/Syrinx PU2/DV Ruby Karat is out of the field)

I played a bit of guitar back then.

Fast forward to 1998


And one more…from 1985 (I was in my mid 20’s so not strictly a child). The Source turntable, Zeta tonearm, Koetsu Black, Musical Fidelity MVT preamp/ Audio Research D70mk2 power amp and some Artisan Palantir speakers (sort of like a Tukan with dual voice coil drivers).


I could never quite get the hang of winding the tape back on with a pencil while driving at the same time😁


Well, you must have had a manual transmission then…with an automatic it was easy-peasy! :wink:


This was my first jambox, circa 1984. Emerson is the brand, unsure of model



Technics All-In-One CD4 system in white.

Complete with rear channel speakers and record cabinets.
I also had a Pioneer SE-305 closed cans and Teac A 350 Dolby casette deck.


These were the very first photos of any of my hi-fi equipment and was my second system from the mid to late 1970’s. Thorens TD160/Ortofon M15E Super Turntable & Cartridge, Pioneer SX737 Receiver, Monitor Audio MA4 Speakers on Bowers & Wilkins Stands which replaced the infamous Pioneer PL12D/Shure M75ED, Pioneer SX434 and Celestion Ditton 15 combination.


I inherited a Rogers Cadet 3 like the one pictured except mine had a tuner section on the left. Source was the ubiquitous Garrard SP25 and speaker were Goodmans Maximus 1.

Loved it.



In a little different vein, I bought an electric guitar when at university, and a friend made me an enclosure for an amp. We put one 15 inch speaker in it, and one of these. Pretty funky but it worked:


Before I got the mighty Amstrad tower (posted earlier) my parents had this. I’ve come a long way :slight_smile: