Long interconnect cable or long speaker cable?

Hello everybody,
This a technical question considering my future setup:
my turntable will be 15 meters away from the loudspeakers.
I plan on buying a supernait 3 and a phono preamp with balanced outs.
would you rather have the supernait near the preamp and run 15 meter speaker cables to the speakers or put the supernait near the loudspeakers and run 15 meter of balanced interconnect between phono preamp and supernait?

Thank you for your input

The Supernait 3 doesn’t have balanced inputs so locating the amp and TT together and using longer speaker cables make sense here.

Long interconnects not a problem if they are balanced, but not ideal if more common single-ended (such as from RCA plugs).

Short speaker cables not a problem, possibly beneficial, except where the cable minimum inductance is needed to correctly load the amp, as in at least some Naim amps, in which event there will be a minimum length (the minimum depending on cable characteristics).

The Supernait should be close to the TT and phono stage. Keep these interconnects short. Naim amps like long speaker cable runs (keep within Naim recommended specs - see FAQ here), so go with that.

n.b. the Supernait is single ended so no need for a balanced output phono pre-amp, indeed, a single ended output one would be best here.

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Hi IB, still there ? I thought you were travelling around Europe with your caravan, as you planned before.

Hi FR, thanks for asking. Yes, I spent September in France, and had a great time. We moved around quite a bit, enjoying exploring medieval towns, cycling between sleepy little villages, lovely French markets, and a bit of wine tasting… sadly no space for hifi in the campervan (not caravan), though on the way back through UK I bought some new speakers!


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