Long interconnect to turntable

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Does anyone have any experience using long interconnects/ RCA cables from their turntable/phone to amplifier? Say 3-5m.

I know Naim recommends short interconnects and longer speaker cable, hence my query.

My TT isn’t at a level where I could hear a difference between a 1m and 5m RCA cable, but I would be upgrading it as some point to something much better. It’s at this point I would worry about an audible difference.


Ideally you would do the long connection between the phono stage and the amplifier (which is fine) as opposed to straight from the turntable (which isn’t).


I ran a 3m Chord Shawline for my LP12 when I first got it. It ran from my Cyrus Phono Signature to my Roksan K3 amp of the time.
It sounded fine, but I soon realised that the amp was not up to the job and replaced it with the Naim system and different cables (Din).

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The cartridge either MM or MC will have a preferred input load specification on the amplifier, adding extra cable length will alter the parameters….by how much is variable and its effect sound wise on the cartridge is also variable.

Obviously it will work with different lengths of cable but the shorter the better is the rule IMO.

Alternatively you could use an external preamp close to your TT and send the signal to your amp at line level where the cable length won’t be an issue.


Thanks @6V6 . So a bit like what @ricsimas said above, if my interconnect between a phono amp and my nac282 is line level, there would be no audible difference?

My current TT has an in built phone stage. When I upgrade, I would obviously have to purchase a decent phonostage/preamp with line level out?


I have just addressed this exact issue.
I had a 3 m run of Signature between my phono stage and the pre-amp, but I ended up relocating the turntable to keep the signal journeys as short as possible.
My move certainly massively improved some interference from local LED lighting I was getting, but beyond clearing this, I’m not yet sure how much of a sonic benefit I heard.
If you are trying to wring out the very best sound quality however, I’ts definitely the way to go if you can…

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Just buy a cheap phono cable. It does the job.
The most important thing is that it is long enough.

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I run a 4M rca from phonostage to amp. Works just fine.


I ran a 5m of the cheapest quality between my Bergmann and Allnic riaa. Noone complained

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