Long runs of chord speaker cable

Due to its expense, I would doubt there are many users on here with long runs (> 10m) of chord speaker cable. Does anyone use long runs and are there any issues with the amps/sound quality.
I know Richard Dane uses 10m lengths of NACA5. Since this is a basement room use case, maybe I should consider NACA5 again. Currently in Germany I have 2x6m of chord clearway x which is too short for the new room.
Any other feedback associated with this would be appreciated. I will try to borrow some cables from the German chord dealer to find the best lengths which will vary a bit based on speaker and kit position


You could consider Kudos KS-1 speaker cable.

I changed recently from Maim NAC A5 and it was a marked improvement


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My dealer has kudos and suspect not an issue to have something made up.

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I’ve run long lengths of Chord Odyssey and Ley Line before in AV systems driven by Naim amps without any apparent issues.

NACA5 should be good up to at least 20m per channel and probably a bit beyond that before performance losses are apparent.

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I had mine fitted with the Naim speaker plugs at the Amplifier end.

I have two five metre runs as I run an active system.

This is a response I had from Derek Gillingan, MD of Kudos,
“ The later DR amplifiers are much more tolerant than the older amplifiers so we recommend between 3.5 meters to 12 meters. We do have customers using longer lengths than this and report no problems at all but it is not something we have tried here to confirm.
I hope this is helpful.”


My Chord Odyssey has 0.6mH/m induction which is just over half that of NACA5 (1mH/m) & will be better suited to longer cable lengths, e.g. ~5m will be close to the recommended minimum inductive load that 3.5m of NACA5 will give.
But it depends on the Chord cable you are considering, they are not all the same and Chord do not publish any cable spec.

As a generalisation the thicker the cable - meaning the cross sectional area of the conductors - the better. The higher the cable’s inductance or capacitance the more significant might be any audible effect as length increases. That said, the only experience I have had with cables >10m was a temporary setup, cables will have been around 45-50m, comprising several joined lengths of nondescript cable including 1mm2 mains flex, and the system sounded the best I had ever heard - though that would have been due to the listening space, but it meant any adverse effect of the cables was not limiting to fantastic sound. For clarity, the amp wasn’t Naim - whether a Naim amp would have been happy I have no idea.

When I talked to the nice guy at the Drei H vertrieb (the German dustributor for chord cables), he said chord clearway x minimum length would be 3m, nothing less. So quite similar to the NACA5 minimum length

Sorry but that dealer guy is not correct.

So you are saying it needs to be longer because of the lower inductance of the chord cables so that the load is respected

Yes, any cable with similar construction of x2 conductors close together in an overall outer cover will always be something like half the inductive load of the spaced parallel paired Naim NACA5.

Kudos KS-1 easy to work with and was the only cable that bettered what I was using for over 35 years.
Fit and forget and don’t let the small size persuade you different. :partying_face: :+1:t2:

On the other hand, what is the best cable for short runs? 3m in our living room is a bit too long

Something with wide spacing between conductors will give higher inductance, which cable is not easy to select as so few companies publish the info, but looking for wide spacing alone Tellurium Q Ultra Black looks like it might be OK.

Remember that it’s not just inductance that’s important, but capacitance too. Ideally, you should aim for low capacitance and moderately high inductance.

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