Long term dreaming

Hi all

In a ideal world and planning a upgrade path from my current NDX/Supernait2 with HiCapDR and HiLine interconnect and Powerline.

In my head my ultimate semi realistic end game system would be a:






In what order would you change the current setup to achieve the end result getting the best enhancements along the way.
Obviously subject to home demos along the way and likely to be a year or two minimum between each black box upgrade.

Thanks all

This is exactly where source first come in, it keeps it musical on the way up.
If that is your goal than big steps are the best so 555ps on the NDX, then NDX2. After that it gets awkward as you should upgrade the pre first which means either running a sc on the supernait, audition that I’m not sure if this will be tolerable, or going 252/sc in one go. Otherwise you go via a Hicap 282 but that would be wasteful.

That was also my realistic end point but I managed one step higher thanks to the thrift of an aunt who failed to spend all her saving’s while alive. I didn’t see that coming, my world doesn’t usually work like that.

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Hi Popeye,
I would start by asking your dealer to demonstrate your dream system to you, perhaps with you bringing in your NDX at the same time, so that you can hear the dream system, decide if it’s for you and also hear several of the intermediate steps.

It would be tempting to try the NDX2 versus your NDX/555PSDR as sources during such a demo, to help you decide which of these two you would do first.

Hope this helps, BF

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I was fortunate to be able to trade my SN2/HCDR towards 252/SCDR/250DR all at once, and then very quickly trade the 250DR towards a 300DR. All were very gently used by another client of my dealer, so the prices were good and I jumped when the opportunity arose. I am EXTREMELY happy with the 252/SCDR pair, and while the 250DR was nice, the 300DR is all the nicer.

Are you contemplating getting used boxes? I recommend it, especially from a Naim dealer, and if so, just jump when the right boxes become available at the right prices.

Excellent advice. You may also find that your dream system isn’t that far away in performance from what you have and money could be better spent elsewhere.


Problem is, once I hear it, it is more likely, I am going to hear exactly what I am missing and going to be somewhat depressing! :rofl:
Such is life! Ha

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I doubt that. You’ve got a very nice system as it is which should keep you happy for a long time. From your avatar you look like a youngish chap with a young family. Spend the time and money there and make great memories - it’ll mean much more when you look back than any piece of Hi-Fi will.

You also won’t need to worry about expensive speakers as the kids grow up and get inquisitive…:grinning:


Wise words. My only consolation is that music is probably my main source of relaxation and I find it the most amazing way to de stress, I am sure this is the same for a lot of you. Having to run my own company and yes dealing with a young family means once the kids go to bed I am all ears for a few hours a day.
Luckily music plays a substantial role in my eldest daughters life who is big into ballet and musical theatre so in all honesty the Hifi is barely set to mute.
Back to the point, like I said initially, the topic was to build the path to my ultimate system, if/when all pieces of the puzzle come together and it ever materialises. :+1:t2:




There are various ways to approach this. The biggest jump in SQ will be when you get to the NAC 252/SCDR/NAP300DR. This is a fantastic combo.
The quickest way to release funds to afford the amp is to sell the SN2 and Hicap DR and NDX and build a streamer from a cheap Linux-based solution such as Raspberry Pi or Allo DigiOne running Roon. You will need a good DAC such as a preloved Chord Hugo or Hugo 2.
Alternatively you could keep the NDX and use it with the Hugo. You can cut corners by feeding the 300DR direct before investing in the 252.
I am already running for cover because I haven‘t tried all of these myself but have read a lot of threads discussing these solutions with many positive reactions.
I did, however, sell my NDX and got equal SQ from a much cheaper DAC-based solution. Then had a massive jump in listening pleasure when I could afford my 252/300DR.

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When my brother’s eldest left for university, he gave her his old system (not sure what exactly, but he had had my old Nait, Roxan and mordaunt short speakers). No better gift for a young person stepping out into the world.

You said “long term”. Which means what exactly? To me long term means 10 years in which case, anything around now will likely be second hand only at that time or something else I have not heard of exists.

Not trying to be pedantic and throw a damper on things. It is just that, depending on what you mean by long term, planning all this out now might be a moot point.

@popeye that;s a very nice journey plan, my long term then was to improve the system to the point I felt a move to NDX2 if I wanted

over the past 6 years on my journey in order I went the following route following extensive demos with my dealer
NDX/282/HCDR/300 (non DR)
NDX/282/SC (non DR)/300DR
and finally this year
NDX/252/SC (non DR)/300DR - HCDR went onto power Pre fix in my LP12

my journey is almost at it’s end - DR the SC

as foot note, I only use my NDX around 5% as my main source is my LP12

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I have a similar set up, NDX2 and SN2 and have been discussing this with my dealer. Though he has more faith in me upgrading to separates than I do. Anyway, he is a source first kind of dude and has recommended longer term, in order:
Add XPS DR to NDX2
Add HiCAP DR to SN2
Swap SN2 for 282/250 (if that is the end system).

I’m procrastinating at this point. How have you found the HiCAP with your SN2?

Before doing any of that you really do need a decent system support. All those wires that need to hang free. The burndy that must be tamed. Without one, results will be seriously compromised. Then there is dedicated mains. Wise man builds his house on rock.

With my arraignment, the only plus side is all cables hang free and nothing touches one another. All system is on its own dedicated 10mm supply. :+1:t2:

My response was to Mike.


The Fraim follows power supplies at this stage, and can not be accommodated easily in the lounge, and it is way over priced.

Mike I was rather resistant to separates for a long time, but the SN2 to 252/300 upgrade for me was SIGNIFICANT. (More hyperbole not needed.) And I’d already gone up all the way to NDS with the SN2. The Hicap on the SN2 is an improvement, but in my experience not nearly so far.

Are you willing to look at used boxes? If you can find an XPS2DR used at a good price I’d grab it. While you ponder swapping out the SN2 for separates. Given that you’re pondering I would not spend on a Hicap.

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Thanks Bart. The used supply chain at that level in New Zealand is practically zero unfortunately. A 252/300 is probably an over investment for me and a 282/250 would be many years away with other family priorities, even if I went there. So, I think I’m best to add the PS’s to max out the NDX2 and SN2. I can’t really accomodate more than 4 boxes and maintain domestic bliss, so it has to settle at some level. It leaves the door open longer term if we move house etc at retirement when our daughter is older.
I can then stop there, or move up to a 282/250 without too much pain.

Mike, out of interest, why are you keen on 272/250 over your NDX2/Supernait2 ?

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