Long threads Question

Quick question on the back button for long threads?

I use the What are You listening to thread a lot but is it just me or does the back to where you were button disappear after 10000 posts
I find it annoying to follow a reply back to a previous post which may be a day ago and then have to scroll back through all the subsequent post to get back to where I was

Is there a way to handle this?


Hi @VinoVeritas

To go back - if it doesn’t reappear, try closing the thread and then reopening, it should work if you click on the unread number.

Or you can use the search function and pick a short term, or look at your own activity under the ‘cog’ button and you should be able to find it listed under your replies or likes, or at least get you in the general area.

Additionally, searching your own name in any long thread can be very useful.

I’ve always found the back button to appear and disappear at random regardless of the length of the thread. When you want it, it’s usually not there.

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I find that dynamic notifications I click cause a loss of the ‘back’ function using Discourse Hub.


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