Long upgrade from NAIM Uniti Nova to NAC 252, NAP 300 DR and NDX 2

Greetings to all Naim enthusiasts.

Not so long ago I bought my first stereo system, which now consists of the following components:

  • Naim Uniti Nova with Power-Line
  • B&W 702 Signature

With this system, I realized the beauty of a high-quality stereo system. And I wanted to move on.

First, I listened to a comparison of the Naim Uniti Nova versus the Supernait 3 and the NDX 2. I didn’t hear the gain I expected from the system in terms of money. And I left the dealer with the Power Line cable for the Nova, which really showed great gains. As if they removed the veil that prevented the system from opening.

Therefore, I decided to immediately move into a separate pre-top level system: NAC 252, NAP 300 DR and NDX 2.

The budget for this is substantial, since I will buy everything new.

Therefore, I want to gradually buy hardware and upgrade the Nova until it can be put into a separate cabinet-type system.

Naturally, the corresponding speakers will be purchased for the new system.

Thus, I ask for help in 2 questions:

  1. In what order is it better to buy equipment for Nova?

  2. I am worried that while I am going to collect this system for a year or two, the NAC 252, NAP 300 DR will already be updated and, for example, will be in a new design. As far as I understand these devices have been presented for a long time and as I see Naim is moving towards a new external design. What do you think about this?

That’s quite some going, enjoy :slight_smile: I have 252/300 and am sure you will be more than satisfied. However do take into account that you want an XPS (or possibly 555) for the NDX2 in this system context.

The move is somewhat complex and nothing will be ideal, but by conventional wisdom you’d start with the source and work toward the power amp. However, given that the streaming board as such is the same in the Nova and NDX2, you may first want to add the 300 to the Nova, then add the NDX2 to the Nova as a source, and finally exchange the Nova for the 252.
Also depends on whether your B&Ws could benefit from a power boost, if yes then that’s an argument for adding the 300 first. (And I believe B&Ws generally do)

If you are planning to buy each unit separately, I don’t see a way to get the 252 earlier into the system but maybe someone else does.

We can’t know for sure what Naim’s plans are, but I would expect that a replacement for the 272 comes next, and not before next year. After this is anyone’s guess. A overhaul of the classic series will happen some time, but I’d think that during the next 2 years you have a very good chance that Naim keeps selling it as-is. And if not, you will be able to score ex-demo gear from dealers at good prices

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Welcome to the forum. Firstly, I’d agree with @Suedkiez’s advice, with a 252 system you really need an XPS DR or even a 555 PS on the NDX2 to do justice to the 252. If that is too expensive, I’d favour the XPS DR and a 250 over the 300 without a power supply on the NDX2.

I’d then think about whether you want to keep the Nova long term for a second system. If so, Suedkiez has given a sensible approach. If not, then the cheapest option is a direct swap of systems. Otherwise, I’d go with the NDX2 and XPS DR and trade the Nova for a SN2/3, then add the 252 and run the SN2 as a power amp until you add the 250 or 300, trading in the SN.

I’ve gone from a Nova (which I still have) to a NDX2/555 PS/252/250 with a combination of new and used, via a new SN2 that I have now sold.

Good luck!


Thanks for answers.
Let me explain additionally:

  1. I am not looking at Supernait, since I did not see the corresponding increase in comparison with the warmed-up Nova + Power-Line. I wrote in the main topic.
  2. For all the devices that I have described, the corresponding power supplies will be purchased, and connection cables and acoustic according to the canons of naim :).
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You’re going to have a lot of fun :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome,

I’m not surprised that you didn’t find the NDX2/SN so much of a jump over the Nova as the Nova in itself is very good. However the 252/300 is a superb pairing but I would second the view that at that level the NDX2 will only show its true worth with a XPS or even 555 PSU.

Enjoy the music.


Hi, that’s a great system you have planned. Don’t forget you will really want a good rack to put it on so I would start by choosing one. You could always buy maybe 3 shelves now and add more as you need them.

The problem with adding one box at a time is that you can add a source and a power amp to the Nova, but things will only really come together when the all important preamp goes in, and the Nova will really hold things back a lot with an NDX2 in front and a 300 on it. There’s no easy way round that, but it will all be worth it in the end.

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There is no sensible approach to upgrading Nova to that system. The amps would be wasted with a NDX2. You should target the 555 streamer. You’ll also need to invest in Fraim or other hifi rack at that level.

So what is the best path moving from a $6k system to a $70k system?

Sell the nova. Buy an Atom HE and use it until you can reasonably afford the $70k system in one shot.

I would also avoid using the Nova if you plan on doing the upgrades over a longer period of time. Here is my alternative suggestion:

  1. get the NDX2 with an XPS DR or even 555DR if you can
  2. get a used SN2 or SN3. You can trade this back in at the end of your upgrade path.
  3. Save up and add the preamp to the Supernait, using the SN as a power amp
  4. Save up and replace the Supernait with the NAP300 DR

You will get a better sound much earlier this way than keeping the Nova until the end.


Great advice :+1:

Even if Naim do launch a newer version, the “old” classic system will not break overnight and will still sound much better for many years than a cheap and cheerful lump of plastic with Bluetooth as one of its unique selling points.

I admire your ambition and look forward to seeing what you arrive at in the next year or two. In the meantime, something less expensive will probably still keep you fairly happy.

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Hi,good luck with the upgrade path , whichever way you choose to progress. Don’t forget that you will need a Supercap to power the NAC 252. So with a two box power amp and two box streamer (Assuming you opt for an XPS2 for the NDX2) that is a six box system. The Supercap is close to 5k new, but some relative bargains in the used market. You will end up with a superb system though.

I second previous thoughts here and will say that an xpsdr is mandatory for the Ndx2 at that level. A 555 dr is a nice bonus still apparently, if I refer to all members who went from xpsdr to 555 dr on Ndx2.

I’m sticking with my Nova but if had your ambitions I would get the 300 power amp first. The power amp range is very stable and not much inside the box is likely to change in the foreseeable. By the time you have saved up for the next move the mythical replacement for the 272 may have arrived which could be another option, saving boxes, shelves cables and probably money.

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firsly welcome to forum - my journey began some 20 years ago and I have now reached my end point which is 252/300DR with NDX (2014) and LP12 - which is my main source

you set out your journey and if end point is going to be 252/300Dr - few things I would consider - advise

  • take a day out and plan this with a NAIM dealer - very expensive end point and this will help you plan the way
  • Yes the NDX2 is maxed out with 555 PSU, BUT… my 2014 NDX is not short of musical detail in my system - again I only use FLAC and IRADIO
  • you will also need a good equipment rack - build this into budget also
  • if you look back at one of my earlier posts, I think is was about journeys end after 20 years - you will see I climbed the 202, 282, and now 252 ladder - this may be with demo a 282 either with HCDR or SCDR might suite your ears better
  • speakers also - my system with 282/300 & 252/300 was with B&W 805 and now Kudos T505
  • what ever route you chosse enjoy the music !

@pev999 this remains my thinking, speakers and amp in my system have settled, just waiting for that neat, one box front end to arrive,… soon, …one day,…maybe.

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