Look at this wire mess

Out tonight at Birmingham to see erasure and just couldn’t resist, look at this mess, got to me killing the quality lol

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Got to be top top cables then😉

Was going to offer him a hand but don’t think it’s going to make much difference as he has no isolation at all lol

Same shoes here (old shoes for gardening)

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EU size 42/43? :wink:

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Love it

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I would imagine that gig sounded amazing regardless ??

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It hasn’t start yet, this is just the warm up, they are not on till 9

Well it’s started


This is the first Erasure tour I have missed in years (covid fear) and really hoped you enjoyed them.

I have never been to a bad Erasure gig, whereas some other bands ….

It was great, great atmosphere and played all the greats and the best ones of the new album
Knees are feeling it today, but did end up standing for 4 hours

Ah Andy - Never knowingly underdressed :relaxed::joy:

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The sound is very bass heavy as right at the front centre and the phone didn’t like it much.
Don’t think you can post videos?

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If you have something like a dropbox account then the forum will embed videos that you have linked from there.

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