Looking for air, volume and depth


The last half a year I’m obsessed with finding jazz albums which have air, volume and depth in recordings.
Please, share with me if you know those.
From myself:
GoGo Penguin “Atomised”
Henry Texier “Chance”
Yosi Horikawa “Wandering”
Joona Toivanen Trio “At my side”
BRUUT! “Superjazz”

Most of Miles Davis’s records would qualify for all of those.

Rather perversely, perhaps, I recommend that you try ‘In A Silent Way’, where the volume is so low at times that you will be able to hear the valves humming in the studio amps.

I opened this thinking it was a recommendation for conditioner😄


Thanks! I’ve tried Miles Davis several times but looks I don’t understand his jazz.

Maybe Sonar « live at Brazilius « , or Erik Truffaz « Bending new corners « , Stephan Tellen albums….

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Thanks! I’ll try. Haven’t heard anything of them.

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See if you can find a means of listening to ‘In A Silent Way’ online or whatever, without buying a hard copy. It was my ‘entry’ into Miles Davis’s music (at a time when I didn’t really ‘get’ jazz), and Miles Davis went through a bewildering range of styles. I’m very glad now that I persevered, although I’m a long way off being a jazz expert.

If you like Rodrigo’s Concerto Di Aranjuez (the famous guitar concerto), you might give ‘Sketches Of Spain’ a try, which is another good way into MD’s music.

New year, new music, it has to be worth a try!

PS It’s easily found to listen on Google (as I’ve just done.)

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Try Manu Katché - Neighbourhood


An interesting album, thanks!

This month this album is one my favorites. Nice tip!

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