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Dear guys my setup is marantz sr8012 and MK speakers 750 7.2.4 ch. Now i’m quite happy with my system . I spend time for movie and music 70:30 , listening only spotify for music. Now i’m looking to upgrade my system by add amp or integrate amp for my HT. Should i go for Marantz pm-10 , Naim supernait3 or uniti Nova? Which one is the best choice? Thanks for your advise :sunglasses::heart:

Hi Oatekung,

Welcome to the forum. Couldn’t see where you are in the world on your profile.

I think you have a dangerous slippery slope in front of you. Depending where you are my advice would be to get along to a decent dealer and listen to a number of systems. The first question would be does the difference to what you already have interest you?

If you want to ramp up your HiFi side then I would advice revisiting the dealer and listen to a top flight system. Does this look like a realistic goal for you?

The reason for this is that you may compromise what you live with now in order to have a more financially advantageous path to your long term goal.

One wrinkle in this is that EVERYTHING effects what you can achieve at home, so home auditions are essential. System synergy may mean that you buy a great amp, but one that doesn’t work especially well with your MK speakers; and changing those may degrade your immediate AV experience.

Of course, you may take the more prosaic route of sticking where you are!

Good luck.


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I’m from Thailand nice to talk with you. I just want to improve my system for 2 ch when i listen to music. People in my country they usually go to octave70se ht bypass, but i’m not sure about endurable of tube amp so i’m looking for upgrade an endurable amplifier. I knew that i will not get the best result but i dont have much space to separate system.

If your intending to still use your Marantz SR8012 for movies, but looking to upgrade the 2 channel music side, then that Marantz PM - 10 should fit in nicely. Although you will need to accommodate 2 large devices.
For the same price as that PM-10, you could run the SN3 with 3K worth of a pair of quality front channel speakers, which should sound a lot better - provided you factor in a better quality source than Spotify.

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