Looking for Parcel forwarders in UK

Greetings to y’all,
I often see Hi-Fi kits im willing to buy from sellers based in the UK but very few of them will ship abroad. And even when you ask them kindly, most are reluctant to do so, even for second hand kits.
So I’m wondering whether some of you could recommend local parcel forwarders who can ship gear securely to France? With reasonable shipping rates ?
I’ve searched on google but thought that it’d be asking on here and get advices from people living in the country.
I’ve already used services from parcel forwarders in the US, numbers of times, without issues. Most of them propose a local address/suite in their warehouses, to where goods get sent and then dispatched, and even a phone number, as some websites and resellers can request a local phone number.
Are there any such service in the UK and which one would you recommend ?

@GadgetMan mentioned this in the thread about the eBay GSP. Maybe they can help.

Thanks hungryhalibut, but I’m not necessarily buying from eBay and the GSP they offer is valid only upon sales or purchases through ebay platform.
I’m looking for a service that’d work no matter from whom i’m buying from, especially when buying from resellers who sells whether through their brick and mortar shop but also through their own online shops, most do these days.

try parcels2go

We use (our company) for parcels and shipments to the EU. Good rates and NEVER had a problem.

Yes, I know. Gadgetman referred to an alternative.

The one I used was Addresspal but just checked and it seems to be an Ireland specific one that ships from UK or USA only

It’s called “reshipping”. Gives you a Uk (or wherever) address, and the reshipper then sends it to wherever you are.

I usually arrange pick up direct from the seller, I use UPS mostly. You will have to give them the correct shipping codes and costs though on a form they will generate for you. UPS then ships to their holding customs warehouse, pays any duty and TVA and then delivers to you. They will then bill you for the customs charges.

thanks all for the suggestions. i’m afraid parcels2go is just a regular courrier service.
@robert_h , that’s exactly it !
Just spotted one called SkyPax, which offers concierge service and a UK address as well as a selection of carriers, e.g UPS, DHL etc. their standard membership fees is £12 including the minimum services (tracking, UK address, etc.). Obviously, options like consolidation or other things are payable per service or package.

thanks @bruss: but not really what i’m looking for. They won’t provide an UK shipping address. And ultimately, i’m pretty sure fees they’ll charge for collection and then delivery will be closer, if not higher than fees of a parcel forwarder. But thx anyway

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Try forwardtome dot com.

Many thx I’ll compare the rates Vs. SkyPax. thank you this will be very helpful :grin:

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