Looking for recommendation for angled 90 banana gold

Hi i looking for recommendation for angled 90 banana gold as appear in the picture which i attached
this picture been upload in this forum by our friend Mike-B, so Mike if you care to share where you bought it i will be very happy to know.
i understand the you just push in the banana plugs of the speaker cables

I think @Mike-B works better to get his attention. :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t bought these, I just posted this picture to demo how 90 degree banana’s help cable dressing & importantly reduce pin strain. The plugs in the picture can be found all over the www. I suggest to search www as there are many other brands that might be more available in your area.

Hi I got mine on Amazon about 3 month ago. Just Google gold banana plugs in search.

There are serval plugs
Which one you bought ? Can you picture it
Is it gold or nikel?

Hi gold banana plugs nachomichi 45 angle.

FURUTECH FP-202 (G) should cover the need

WBTs are more expensive but very good too. Available in Gold and Silver.

Do you no what is the white plastic plug ?

G R E A T !!!
Just order right now
thank you very much.

Ilan v.

I don’t kno to be honest. All WBTs have them. Something with alignment I guess. But it’s easy to take them off if needed.

The plastic pin is for safety, to prevent insertion into a power socket. Not needed in the UK. If you search for Sewell Silverback right angle you will find the plugs in your picture, but I wouldn’t use them-too easy to short out as they are not insulated!! The WBTs look good though…

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