Looking for recommendations

Good move! I’ll be taking note… and probably find something else to complain about :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

AlecR - just check your app is up to date as well. If in doubt delete it and reinstall it.

Thanks for the advice cdboy, unfortunately has not fixed the issue, I must have some setting a miss somewhere. tried Muso and Qb after re install, pressing play is still bringing up the message “14 tracks added” depending on how many tracks are on the album, but won’t play anything. Tres bizarre.

just so you can see the message.

Try tapping the three dots next to Norah JOnes at the top. Do you get Play from this track etc appear?

Thanks cdboy, will try that Friday when back home.

As for the speakers, I would definitely consider AudioPhysic. I have a Nova paired with AP Codex and an Atom with a pair of AP Avantis. And of course you can have a look on Focals but for they sound a bit thick. Matter of taste

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