Looking for some advice

Hello Naim fans,

I’m looking for some advice. I’ve got a pair of Audiovector SR1 Avantgarde arreté.
I don’t have a amp at the moment, so they’re gathering dust… not good.
I had a Superuniti a few years back (with Tannoy DC8) wich i sold to fund some other hobbies.
I want to stay with Naim as i like the sound and the brand.
For now due to financial constraints i narrowed it down to two options:
1: Buy a Uniti Atom, enjoy it… and maybe after a while add a poweramp like the NAP 200.
2: A s/h Supernait 2 with something like a Bluesound Node 2i, maybe after a while upgrade to a NDXS5.
A home demo is not really an option, not something dealers in the Netherlands provide.
Anyone of you got some general advice ? Thanks in advance. Greetings from Holland.

Added a picture of the speakers with some home made stands :slight_smile:

It seems that these speakers well deserve at least a SN2; I have had it with ProAc K6, and I think that if the room isn’t large enough it may well do the trick.

Good luck!

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Imo definitely the supernait.

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I have the bluesound node2i but to be honest… there is a huge difference between bluesound + Hugo and bare Bluesound; so much so that I would not be able to live with it without external DAC.

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Bedankt Tom. I need something temporary to stream with (i mean cheap) if i would go for a Supernait.
There are other options, maybe something from the likes of Topping. Or i’ll save some more and do without music for a while longer.

Don’t go without music!

SN plus a used sqbx touch or duet from a popular auction site. When you can add an external dac, again while funds are limited a Cambridge Audio Azur Dacmagic will do a decent job.

If you are thinking of a one box system long term then stick with the Atom. It looks like a bit of a bargain.

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Home demos are possible in the Netherlands in my experience. Just show your doubt and ask for it.

Personally I would go for the SuperNait, and use a cc audio + decent dac for a while. As an alternative to Topping, try Schiit Modi or more expensive the Chord Mojo. That works very good with Naim. Naim + Chord is top.

Nice stands! I wish I had your diy skills.


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No specific advice here, but you’ll get a lot (probably twice as much) more from buying pre-owned than buying new, so I’d personally look at that route…


The Atom is great if you want a compact 1-box system, but as you are already working out how to upgrade before you have even bought it, I think you should set your sights a bit higher. A Supernait would be a much better option, and although it deserves a better source that a Node, it would tide you over until you can afford a source upgrade.

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I’ve got Cambridge Audio DACMagic 100 and it is a cracking DAC

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