Loss of dynamics

Here’s a conundrum:

  • I seem to be suffering a loss of oomph from the LP12 line input to a 32.5.
  • This is via Prefix (HiCap).
  • Also the treble is somewhat harsh the louder it goes.
  • I don’t think I’m going deaf as there’s plenty of welly on the other line inputs and the 250DR was serviced and upgraded August 2018.
  • The HiCap was serviced 10 years ago.
  • The Prefix (2004, I think) has never been serviced.
  • The XX2 was new in August 2018.
  • Do you recognise these symptoms? If so, what’s the cure?

How is your cartridge’s health?

It might be this - a Hicap in need of a service can make whatever it’s powering sound flat and boring. 8-10 years is the recommended service interval.

Hi Bob, the cart is only 7 months old and gets sporadic use. Clean as a whistle.

Thanks Richard. That was my first thought, tbh. When I get back to Asgaard tomorrow I could swap over the Hi Caps to see, although if it is going bad it will then be powering the 32.5, which isn’t ideal.

Was suffering a lack of dynamics myself and on checking discovered that my 52ps was over 9 years from its last service. Got it back last Thursday and it’s clear that was the issue. Got its oomph back!



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Try powering down for a few hours and see if that helps. If not then you need to be looking at getting the older bit serviced as already mentioned.

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Well, having travelled back to Asgaard from Valhalla, I have had the opportunity to fiddle. Swapping the HiCaps has made a huge difference. The ‘8 year since serviced’ HiCap WAS on the Prefix, now on the 32.5. The ‘10 year since serviced’ HiCap was on the 32.5. And it now sounds a lot better. How much better is it going to sound after a service?!!

And the answer is…WOW! Even fresh from Darran’s soldering iron at Class A, clarity, PRAT, energy, and presence have returned. Can’t wait to hear what it sounds like in 3 weeks time when everything has bedded in. The other HiCap is next.

I always find freshly serviced kit to sound great from the off. Darran does a great job.

It will get better too over the next few weeks. Enjoy :grinning:

The other HiCap is about to be replaced… by a HiCap DR. Time for some welly?

Bloody hell! Why did no-one warn me? HCDR absolutely changed all the rules. This is serious welly with attitude: the soul of the music released: like the centre of a dying star being reborn: Naim HiCap? Naim Supernova :star2:

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