Loss of hearing but not bad enough to be proper hearing loss?

I see it’s listed as obsolete by Apple, so no I don’t think they will be able to help. There are quite a few YouTube videos, but bottom line is that I think the world has moved on from iPod nano 7th generation.

What you could do is pick up an old but not too old iPhone and you would probably be able to sort the problem for little money.

The audiologist said they need to be replaced daily, but perhaps not. I quite the idea of recharging at night. Good tip about leaving them in to allow the brain to acclimatise, it makes good sense.

I had a similar experience the first time I had my ears syringed when I was a student. I could hear a bath being run in an upstairs room as I walked down a north London street.

It’s what I was told , but you should do what your audiologist says, not what mine said to me.

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That is what you will probably feel like for a while after you are fitted with them.

Once your brain has adjusted to them you will just feel normal.

Especially when you are listening to music & you remove them you will realise how much hearing you have been missing, probably in the upper & mid frequency ranges.

It’s a sign of getting older but you will be glad you did something about it.

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My android phone works fine with Bluetooth David.

I just don’t want to carry a hulking great phone with me when gardening or washing the car. The credit card size iPod Nano is ideal for purpose.