Lost all connectivity to BBC internet radio stations

Hello, i switched my second gen Mu-So on this morning to discover it won’t connect to any BBC internet stations, HD or standard def. Checked with my Uniti Nova and it appears to be experiencing the same issue. Checked and all firmware is up to date. All other internet radio stations seem perfectly fine – is this happening to anyone else or does someone have a fix? Thanks All

Hi MGate, welcome to the forum … nice place & nice people
You don’t say or show on your profile where you’re located (country) ( = server)
All BBC listings are OK for me in UK, this includes the Naim BBC listing & by Location>Country

I would go to the menu and type in BBC and find the station

R3 disappeared a few weeks ago for me, very easy to find it a second time

Thank you for the responses, I’m based in east Anglia in the UK, close to the Suffolk coast and the BBC weren’t showing any transmitter issues. It turns out it was actually to do with our broadband provider as our entire hamlet was experiencing loss of connectivity issues with BBC digital services (no others), now rectified. Thanks again.

Internet radio stations, including the BBC, are not radio at all and don’t involve transmitters. So if BBC Internet radio services were down, they wouldn’t be listed amongst transmitters having problems.

If one BBC internet service is down, that could conceivably be a problem at the BBC’s end. But if all BBC services appear to be down, it’s always almost certainly a problem related to your broadband connection (which can mean for example that your service provider’s route to the relevant BBC server is not working properly).



Thanks David, yes I realise that internet radio stations don’t involve transmitters, I was quite obviously somewhat confused. I couldn’t find any info from either the BBC or elsewhere that explained the issue. It was when our local WhatsApp group lit up and everyone was experiencing the same problem that it became clear that it had to be a broadband issue. Typically, that was well after I asked the question here… Thanks again to all who have responded, so much more responsive than support at Naim… Best regards.

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