Lost my headphone output upgrading

Hi, just upgraded from SN3 to 282/250 and noticed tonight that I no longer have a headphone output.
I have Focal Stella’s and a Ifi Gryphon for mobile use with Qobuz but was looking forward to hearing the Stellia’s with my new set up - NDX2 and hiCap.
What solutions are there? I know Chord is popular but to my eyes very ugly, not fitting in with my Naim black Lego bricks. Just searched Naim headline only to find it is discontinued.

The Rega Ear was available in black, I think - although mine is Silver.

Not sure if in production, now…?

The Lehmann Audio Drachenfels would be a good choice, £525.
Same width as a napsc 120mm.

With a Stellia I would recommend a Violectric amp, I amo using the HPA-V280 with the Elegia and it’s an excellent pairing. Oh well that Violectric Is good with everything…

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I’ve no complaints about my Violectric V200 plus output is user-variable. Nice little thing.

Look at the Trilogy 931i (or better still a s/h 933).

When I auditioned the Stella I found them a bit cold and ‘technical’ sounding. The Trilogy headphone amps are slightly warm and may be a good combo? Audition needed of course.

Note I have a 933 and previously a 931 but not heard the improved version of the latter. The 933 is really, really good.


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I had the Rega Ear before getting the Naim Headline.

This was recommended to me, at the time, by the dealer and is a very good headphone amp.


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I started with a Rega Ear and it is very good value, but I would think headphones as good as the Stellia deserve more.

What is your budget?


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Up to around £2k

Get an ex demo atom he. They are made for each other.

Plenty of choice, and at that sort of level definitely demo. I found very different characters and performance when I was buying mine.

On your recommendation Bruce and all the excellent reviews I’ve ordered the 931i

You can find pre-owned Headlines out there that have been well cared for.

Pair with a Hi-Cap and take the analogue feed from the 252 to enjoy your new setup with your Stellia.


Hope you enjoy it.

I’ve received the 931i but only getting a loud buzz out of it.
Thought it might be the interconnect but that is a new Chord din to phono cable so I can’t imagine Chord’s quality control wouldn’t be top class.
Tried connecting it to both aux dins and AV but all the same.

Presume on the 282 I select the source and mute it on top row of buttons and then select the output on the bottom row of buttons?

Are you sure the cable is wired for output at the DIN end (pins 1&4)?

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Hi Gazza - wish I’d seen this thread earlier. I went for a 931i a couple of years back and found exactly the same problem - apparently its a known power supply fault something to do with the type of headphone. Dealer couldnt replicate it until using my Focal Clears and similar trying a couple of units. They had a bit of a ding-dong with Trilogy who refused to accept the issue and now dont stock the brand. I went for an exdem 931 (original model) which showed no such problem and has been excellent.

Check the FAQ section ‘How to connect a headphone amp’. I suspect your cable is not correctly wired as per above

Cheers Bruce

That’s what I ordered and that’s what it states on the packaging.

Do you have another amp or cassette deck you can connect up to prove that output from preamp and cable is ok?

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