Lost speaker cables Linn Sara

Hi all,
looking for some help please, I’ve dug out a pair of Linn Sara speakers from the loft and I’m pretty sure we threw the cables out a few years ago during our 10 yearly loft cleansing extravaganza…
As some of you will know, they have an XLR connector to the rear of the speakers, I don’t have any, but just want to test them before letting them go. Google has not thrown much up in the way of this type of connector. Is there a way of connecting them to an amp without genuine Linn cables?

appreciate any direction

You just need to get the appropriate XLR connectors - male or female depending on what’s on the back of the speakers - and wire up some leads.

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it’s that simple HH? wondered if there was any Linn wizardry going on. I better get on the web and find some female XLR connectors and some instructions…
Thanks for taking the time HH.


That’s assuming they are the standard passive version with internal crossovers. There should be a diagram on the back showing which pin is positive and which negative.


So it’s just a matter of getting a couple of female connectors and wiring pins 2 and 3. I have no idea what that description of pin 1 means, but it looks like it’s a factory testing thing that you can ignore.

I’ve ordered a pack of 5 female and 5 male… just in case. Thanks again.

:small_blue_diamond:@AlecR,…Keep in mind that contacts from different brands sound different,.even XLR-connectors sound different.

Perhaps some old Linn-retailer can recommend,.which XLR connectors that sound best with Linn Sara.


Thanks Peder, first I want to confirm they work. It’s been a while, like 20 years I think. you never know I might keep them and get some pucka XLR connectors. Cheers

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Please could members respect forum rules. thank you.

My mistake, I was aware of sales being against the rules but not of loans.

Please accept my apologies.

Flashback might be a good source of inexpensive cables to meet the need.

Stephen, slapped wrists apart, many thanks for the offer. Connectors should be here tomorrow and soldering iron warming up… cheers again.

Thanks Bart, they even have a dedicated Linn section… :grinning:

After some pretty dire soldering I’ve got the Saras’ up and running, TBH I’m quite shocked by just how good they are, the depth of bass and open feel to them. Has anyone had these in the past? did they rate well back in the day?

Hi Alec,
I owned a pair in the mid 1980s, together with a Linn LP12, Ittok, Karma & a Naim 32.5/Hicap/250.
They were quite something and revealed their true grooveliciousness when powered by a pair of the then new NAP135 power amps.

Enjoy, BF

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Hi BF, I’m only using a Star and they are very warm and inviting.
Enjoying, A :smile:

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One of my epiphany moments in the past was a demo of a Sondek fronting Naim pre/power and SARAs. It just asked for hours of new musical discovery.

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Saras driven actively with Naim amplification were quite something in their day.

One speaker that I would have liked to have owned.

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