Lost the left speaker on din-din ndx2 to nac252

Hi everyone. After some techie help if anyone has any insight. SOrry for the long post I’ve tried to include all details:

System: ndx2 with xps, nac252 with supercap, NAP300DR with 300PS, Focal sopra 2, superlumina interconnects and cables where poss, rest are naim out the box (burndys etc).

Issue - only coming out of right channel when sending din out from ndx2 to din ’tuner’input. was working fine the night before, not powered down overnight.


Switch nac252 to ‘Mon’ - comes out of both speakers (in mono obviously)

Tried different din input on NAC252, still only 1 channel

Tried another device (old school ipod) to AUX2 using RCA, worked in stereo no problems

Changed DIN cable from ndx2 to nac252 to the grey one supplied with ndx2 - still only one channel. So its not the DIN cable

Tried RCA from NDX2 to NAC252 - full stereo no problems.

Did factory reset on ndx2 - didn’t change anything.

Did software reset on NAC 252 (hold display button on remote when in prog mode) - no impact

Full power down for 10 mins - no impact

Conclusion - I think can only be the NDX2 Din output, or something on the NAC252 that says ‘all din inputs just right speaker only’


Sounds like you’ve done a thorough diagnostic. Time to contact your dealer, or your nearest Naim dealer.:confused:

I feared that may be the response! Was vainly hoping for a ‘just press this and all will be well’ solution - no luck eh? Thanks for responding.

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Your Fault Diagnosios seems quite comprehensive & logical, to me.
Which is good… :slightly_smiling_face:

I would agree - that it seems to be internal to the NDX2. Something failed in the DIN/Phono switching, maybe…? Perhaps @NeilS could comment, here…?

Its could be a stuck relay. I may be wrong but I seem to recall that @NeilS confirmed the relays were independent between RCA and DIN. I’m sure he can confirm or not when he has a chance to read the thread.

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Thanks Ian. I fear you are right and the NDX 2 needs to be returned. Thanks very much for your help, much appreciated

Thanks Dean, sounds like it needs to be returned to naim. Could a stuck relay affect only one speaker do you know? ie is there 1 relay per speaker? Thanks in anticipation, much appreciated

As @Richard.Dane says above, @NeilS will likely confirm or deny this idea… Hang on… :crazy_face:

I cannot say what the NDX2 Relay configuration is, but multi-pole Relays are common.

The response ‘it sounds like a stuck relay’ is becoming more like a stuck record. Let’s hope Naim get this sorted out, especially with repairs taking so long. To lose your music for a month or more because of a fault that shouldn’t happen is really not great.

Ok thanks very much Ian - really appreciate your help. :+1:

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Hi HH. I know, it’s a shame but the silver lining is that I hear the backlog for repairs is cleared and turnaround should only be 2 weeks. If it’s a design fault then like you say, let’s hope it gets sorted! Thanks for your response, much appreciated. :+1:

Just speculation, really - but hopefully useful… and correct… :thinking:

The dreaded relay once again
I would like to know how many faulty relay’s have been changed

From the weight and volume of responses I’ve had here and elsewhere it certainly doesn’t seem like a one off! Thanks Dunc

Hi Guys,

I can confirm that the DIN & RCA outputs have separate single pole relays for each channel (so there are four in total).
So loosing a channel on just one of the outputs is perfectly feasible if one has failed.

Top marks on the methodical troubleshooting BTW :smiley:


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Thanks Neil. I’m taking the NDX2 to the dealer tomorrow just to finally rule out any problem with the preamp (which seems highly unlikely), at which point we’ve narrowed it to something in the NDX2 box - sounds like a relay issue. Thanks for responding!

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My ndx2 has just arrived back at the dealer from Naim and apparently it wasn’t the output relay, it was the whole analogue board that needed replacing…. Sounds serious! But done under warranty. Just wanted to feed back, thanks for your help and advice folks.


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