Lotus Elise/Exige Final Edition anyone?

Unfortunately my favourite ever Sports car is coming to an end. At the moment building slots at the factory closed last month and last deliveries will be next Septmber/October.
I’m desperately trying to get rid of a 718 Spyder to get one of these.
My dealer PB Racing has already in stock a nice 220 Sport Elise in Lotus Motorsport Green and Yellow accents interior which is very lovely. Alternatevely there is 6 cars due for September delivery with open configuration until next May.
The famous Youtuber of TheCarGuys channel just specified his own. It will be his first Lotus ever and will join a bunch of Ferraris, Porsches, Mac Laren, RR etc. into his faboulous garage
Mine should be car N.10 btw

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Desperately trying to get rid?

I would have thought the Spyder would sell well.

Give it to me: I’ll take well care of him. :heart_eyes::sunglasses::sweat_smile::wink:

It’s yours for 100k euro Sir! :slightly_smiling_face
It’s now advertised on Autoscout and is LH drive

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Not so much! last year at launch, Porsche sold these at full RP only if you already owned some of their cars but soon after, probably due to the pandemic there was little interest.
Also here in Italy we have extortionate road tax+ property tax. The cost every year in in the region of a Nap 200DR.

You should see Portugal’s taxes… :skull:

Ouch! France is high on purchase taxes with an eco tax, yearly not so bad, around 150 Euros for bigger engines.

I know there is huge co2 tax on first registrarion there.
Here we pay 2k euro for co2, up to a maximum of 2.5k for cars over 250 gr of co2.

Ok, so nobodody wants a new Lotus ? This is the very last opportunity to get one of the most iconic, light, efficent and fun to drive car.

I have one - not new but not time to replace it.

it was 20K Euro for my car here. This year a new car similar will be 30 K Euro for the co2 tax. For a second hand car the co2 tax reduces by approximately 10% per year.

That’s absolutely silly !

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