Lotus Emira launch

I was just watching the launch of the all new Lotus model from its own ground of Hethel.
I have received mixed impression from this. Over the last few months all us Lotus Enthusiast have been eagerly waiting for the moment. It has been a great event (The was really impressive as well) Aside Lotus house designer for the last two decades Russel Carr and Ceo Matt Windle, Jenson Button also gave his first impressions on the car. He particulary pointed out how plush is the new car, this also drives very beautifully with enhanced grip and sophisticated aerodynamics, of course being a Lotus this is very obvoius. However it seems to me that they are deviating from their core values of small, simple and light sports cars to go with more mainstream models plusher easy usable every day. I see this more like an Evora evolution and not like a substiture for cars like the Elise and Exige.
Please let me know your opinion.


I am a long time Lotus owner (since 1973). I currently run an Evora and have been waiting for its successor for so loooong. I am genuinely excited about a new car. This Emira with the amg engine and box is going to be the nuts.

Cars? Ah yes, you mean those things that went out in the early twenty-first century - 2030 or thereabouts. Very convenient they were!
(Sorry, just being mischievous).

The Evija is a toy for the ultra rich, a rolling advert for Lotus. I am happy if it generates publicity, and turnover. It has no meaningful utility.

This last ICE car, the Emira, looks interesting on paper (and is pretty too) but I guess is also just an interim until the first real world EV is launched. That will challenge the ‘add lightness’ ethos.

I have some hope for the company. Geely bought Volvo yet preserved the ‘Volvoness’ of their models and have been very successful. Lotus has a distinct identity so I hope they can achieve the same feat with them.

I also hope they can improve quality. My Mk II Elise was shockingly shoddy from new.

Alpine vs Emira would be a nice dilemma to have.



I presently drive an Alpine A110 PE, put my down my deposit on an Emira today.


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im hoping to see it at goodwood this weekend… out of my league tho!

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