Loud hiss from Hugo 1

Hi everyone
While streaming with Tidal Hires which does sound very good through my laptop into hugo1 using usb powered by nac 52 , nap 200 , sometime produces loud hissing, really annoying !!
cable fully connected , almost like the cable is faulty but tried other cable and still the same.
Any advice ?

Cheers Lee…

Same problem here. On mine it seems to be to do with the two phono sockets, possibly a loose connection inside the Hugo.

I have managed to get rid of the noise by gently applying pressure to the phono plugs and then leaving well alone. I’ll have it repaired when the battery needs replacement.

Nuisance, Chord stuff is usually well made so be interesting to see if others have had this problem

Seems to be working for now.
It does it when using Pc, hugo & Headphones also, without phonos connected.
I think it does not like being moved about !
But it is supposed to be mobile too.

Cheers Lee…

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