Loud Popping Noise In Between Songs on CD Playback - Uniti Star

I just received a Uniti Star, which sounds great, except that there is a very loud, popping noise in between songs during CD playback.
A few notes:
-It is a quick noise
-Very loud
-Sort of like a loud static “pop”
-It only happens during the gap in between songs, and not during a song
-It happens in between some, but not all, songs
-It happens after about 30% of the songs
-It happens on a variety of different CDs
-Some of the CDs are brand new
-Firmware is up to date
-I am in the USA

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

Does it happen regardless of the source or just when playing CDs?

Are you using a Naim Powerline?

Have you been in touch with your supplying Naim dealer?

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I’d unplug it immediately and talk to your dealer. Take a CD it happens with and the Star back to the dealer if possible.

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Make sure the mains cable is shoved in properly.


Thanks so much for all of the feedback and suggestions!
I think I have solved the issue, for anyone who has the same problem.

Short Explanation: I am dumb and impatient.

Long Explanation: The grounding switch on the back should be set to “Default” instead of “Floating.” It arrived with the switch in Floating position. I was so psyched to start using it that I did not read all of the manuals and online resources. They said that it should be in Default, other than with some specific setups.


Actually you mean you are normal then!

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Certainly an admission there - but well done for doing so… :thinking:

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