I just bought a Naim Mu So 2 and installed the app, but i there is no loudness button in the app.
I’ve searched for updates, but there is none.
Can you help me because i listen often to quiet music and want some loudness.


If you press the little cog wheel you should see the loudness option.

Hi Patrick, as HH says, click the Cog icon in the top right, then choose audio settings. On my app Loudness is the top option in that menu.

As per the replies above.

Both our Mk1 Musos and QBs sounded excellent out of the box. I bought a Mk2 Muso last year and it sounded tight and weedy when first installed. It’s got big muscles now. Even after you have found and activated your loudness function, your Muso, if it is anything like mine, will stretch its legs and sound bigger over the coming days and weeks if you keep using it.

I presume by loudness you mean an increase in the bass and treble to match the roll-off of human hearing as sound gets quieter?

Re the muso, others have pointed out the option it has.

I have often suggested that there is a case for that in full hifi systems but not with the crude on-off loudness button used on boomboxes and used to be found on cheaper hifi systems some years ago: Ideally there should be an option to switch in compensation that gradually changes the frequency response as the volume control is lowered, though it would need a means of calibrating in the room because it would vary hugely with power amp, speaker sensitivity listening distance and room (calibration would only be needed once at the start unless something is changed). I guess would be tricky to implement well, and it would take an innovative manufacturer to do it. However, potentially someone could do manually for themselves using DSP.

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This is what Audyssey Dynamic EQ does on AV amps, it reduces its affect as volume is increased and you can adjust the amount of that roll off so it happens sooner or later.
Works really well for low volume listening, I’d also like to see something like this available.

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